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Road to Auckland Hill Lookout to be closed during festival fireworks

MAR 27: The road to Auckland Hill Lookout (Bishops Drive) will close briefly on April 2 to 5 for public safety during fireworks displays for this year's Gladstone Harbour Festival. Fireworks will be set off from parkland near the lookout.

Upcoming road resurfacing in West Gladstone

MAR 25: Council advises of possible traffic disruptions during upcoming road resurfacing in West Gladstone. Traffic delays are likely during asphalt works in Rossella Street, West Gladstone from Park Street to Mylne Street.

Matthew Flinders (Marina) Bridge lowered

MAR 20: The Matthew Flinders (Marina) Bridge has been lowered in preparation for the Gladstone Harbour Festival and will re-open this afternoon to motorists and pedestrians. There will be no access for tall marine vessels along Auckland Creek. The bridge will remain horizontal until further notice.

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