Sewerage Sewerage

Calliope Area

For residents living in the former Calliope Shire Council local government area:

Council is responsible for the maintenance of sewer mains to properties. However, the occupier of any premises is responsible for the maintenance of the house drainage in a satisfactory condition.

Council is not responsible for clearing blockages in a sewerage house drain within private properties. However, it will clear a blockage within the “jump-up”, which is the connection between the Council sewer and private house drain.

If you are experiencing any problems or require a copy of your sewer location plan, please contact Council’s Development Services Section on (07) 4970 0700 or email.

Gladstone Area
Gladstone Water Supply and Sewerage Standards (317KB PDF)

For residents living in the former Gladstone City Council local government area:

Council is responsible for collecting sewerage from customer properties and treating it to a suitable standard for discharge. Sewerage is transported from properties through Council's sewerage network. The sewerage mains are located between 1.5 metres and 4 metres below the ground surface. The sewerage is either pumped through the system or flows directly under gravity to one of two sewage treatment plants.

The Calliope River Sewage Treatment Plant treats about 97% of Gladstone's sewage. The remainder is treated at the South Trees Sewage Treatment Plant. Both plants treat sewage to secondary standard. This process removes solids and a large amount of the organic material from the effluent. It also reduces the amount of material dissolved in solution and any odours that could be generated. The water is disinfected before being recycled.

All of the water from Calliope River Sewage Treatment Plant is recycled. The majority of water is used by QAL as part of their process industry, a portion is used by NRG and a small amount is used on site to irrigate gardens around the treatment plant.

Recycling effluent is an effective way of reducing the impact of our waste on the natural environment, reducing demand on our water supply and providing a reliable water supply to industry especially in times of drought.

Miriam Vale Area
Agnes Water Sewerage Scheme (110KB PDF)

For residents living in the former Miriam Vale Shire Council local government area:

Detailed information on water monitoring downstream of Council's Agnes Water sewerage treatment plant and effluent reuse facility is included in the above document.

Trade Waste Discharges

Gladstone Regional Council offers the ablity to discharge trade waste for licensed contractors at the Gladstone Waste Water Treatment Plant and Agnes Water Waste Water Treatment Plant. The fees and charges for this service was approved by Council on 17 July 2012 and are as follows:

Licensed Trade Waste Contractors (Per kL) $25.00 (no GST)


In order to become an approved Licensed Trade Waste Contractor please complete the Debtors Application Form (click here) and return to along with your permit number from DERM. Once this information has been received by Council the contract is able to discharge Trade Waste to the Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Should you have any further questions regarding the discharge of Trade Waste, please contact Councils Water Services Department on (07) 4970 0700.

Build over or adjacent to Council Services

Application for building over or adjacent to Council Services (Download)