Abandoned Vehicles Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles

Any vehicles that are unregistered or abandoned on the side of a Council controlled road or within Council land may be issued with a Notice under Section 100 of the Transportation Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995.

It is an offence to leave a vehicle on the roadway or footpath once the vehicle registration has expired. Vehicles that are registered and legally parked cannot be deemed as abandoned and are permitted on the road reserve.

Where a vehicle is deemed to be in a hazardous location, Council may in some instances organise for it to be removed immediately.

For vehicles believed to be abandoned, Council must follow legal procedures before the vehicle can be removed from the roadway or footpath. This process can take between four and six weeks to complete and includes undertaking checks on the vehicle .

If the vehicle is still not moved after the completion of these necessary steps, it will be impounded and subsequently offered for sale by auction or as scrap metal unless claimed within a specified time frame.

To collect an impounded vehicle, the owner must provide sufficient proof of ownership and proof of identity, and pay all costs incurred in the removal and storage of the vehicle. Owners must make contact with Council on (07) 4970 0700 to organise release of the vehicle.

A fact Sheet providing further informaiton about abandoned vehicles can be found under "Your Council", Fact sheets (click here)

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