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Gladstone Regional Council recognises that youth are the future of our region and has committed resources; funding and time to ensure local youth are represented, are heard and are involved in decisions that affect them. Council runs several programs for youth including the popular SUNfest Youth Holiday Activity program in January each year, regular school holiday activities and works with communities to provide youth services to the 12 to 24 year age group.

Get in contact with Council by phoning on 4970 700 or email

Gladstone Region Youth Council Gladstone Region Youth Council

The Gladstone Region Youth Council acts as a formal advisory committee to Council on youth related matters within the Gladstone Region.

Members are aged between 15 and 24 years and reside in the Gladstone Region.

The Youth Council's annual term is aligned with the Queensland school year, notionally February to December. 

Youth Council members meet on the first and third Monday of the month. Members serve an initial one-year term and can seek re-appointment for a subsequent term.

External organisations are able to consult with youth council members and gain feedback on youth related topics that could provide capacity building opportunities within their organisation and the community.

Get in contact with the Gladstone Region Youth Council by phoning on 4970 700 or email

Meet the Team Meet the Team

Youth Development Officer

The role of the Youth Development Officer is to work with in partnership with young people, community services, government agencies and the wider community to develop and implement appropriate responses to address the needs of young people in the Gladstone Regional Council area.

The Youth Development Officer can also assist to:

  • Improve a young person's network in the community;
  • Encourage young people to take leadership roles in the community;
  • Celebrate the diversity of young people and increase positive perception of young people within the community;
  • Act as an advocate for young people to assist in the process of attracting resources to meet local youth needs;
  • Work with young people on their ideas and assist in the development of positive partnerships for young people;
  • Actively supporting youth service providers to strengthen their capacity to respond to the identified needs of young people throughout the Region;
  • Be a point of contact for young people so as to connect them to various types of support they may need whether it be health, legal, housing or just how to get something happening in the community;
  • Providing young people with activities and events to showcase their talents & to have fun!
  • Assist Council in decision making processes involving young people.
  Located at:


Community Advisory Service
142 Goondoon Street
Gladstone QLD 4680


Youth Worker

The role of the Youth Worker is to engage with local young people aged between 12 and 25 years and to work effectively with internal and external customers to deliver activities and programs which address the needs of young people in the Gladstone Regional Council area.

The Youth Worker can also assist to:

  • Establish positive links and working relationships with local community agencies and organisations in the delivery of youth services;
  • Promote and provide relevant information, advocacy, support services and referrals to clients to external agencies;
  • Assist in planning and implementing strategies that encourage young people and their families to make full use of resources and services available within the community;
  • Encourage the participation of young people and local communities in the planning and provision of youth services for the region;
  • Promote the range and availability of community services for young people;
  • Represent the needs of local young people on committees and networks.