How to read your water meter How to read your water meter

The following diagram helps you read your water meter and keep track of how much water your household is using.

Most meters are metric and read in kilolitres as follows:

This reads 7,894.62 kilolitres which is equal to 7,894,620 litres.

Calculating your next bill

You can use your water meter reading to calculate your next water consumption bill.

Step 1: Take down your current meter reading then subtract the reading from your most recent rate notice
Step 2: Multiply this amount by the current water consumption charge for your water scheme

Water meter protection Water meter protection


Any maintenance to water meters is the responsibility of Council and it is illegal for residents to tamper with the water meter. Should residents notice the water meter leaking or has sustained damage please contact Council. Residents should be aware that any intentional damage to the water meter will be an expense to the owner.

Tampering is illegal

Reducing recorded consumption is an illegal practice and can result in any or all of the below consequences:

  • Criminal Charges
    • wilful damage
    • theft of property
    • fraud
  • Offences (Water Act)
    • Unauthorised taking, supply of interfering with water (maximum penalty $124,875)
    • Tampering with devices (including service) (maximum penalty $75,000)
    • Connecting to mains or services without approval (maximum penalty $75,000)
    • Interfering with Council’s assets (maximum penalty $75,000)
    • Take water without approval (maximum penalty $75,000)

Residents who notice damage to their water meter, or who have any queries or concerns regarding their water supply, are encouraged to contact Council on 4970 0700.