Biodiversity Conservation Strategic Plan 2016-25 Biodiversity Conservation Strategic Plan 2016-25

The region's biodiversity values will remain preserved and protected following Gladstone Regional Council adoption of the region's first Biodiversity Conservation Strategy Plan.

The document, adopted by Council on 4 October 2016, outlines the direction Council will take in regards to five regional biodiversity values. These values include partner and advocate; educate and inform; knowledge and research; preserve and protect; and conserve and improve.

The document is a testament to the organisation's commitment to the environment. The plan is not a legislative requirement but Council sees the value in having it in place to ensure the natural environment is preserved for current and future generations.

The implementation of the plan will be rolled out over the next three years whereby Council will partner, coordinate and advocate for environmental change and improvement. Council will report on its progress regularly to demonstrate the collective stakeholder commitment towards achieving its vision.

The plan was developed by Council and amended by the region's community. Throughout 2016 Council sought feedback from residents regarding Council's biodiversity aims and objectives. Seven public submissions were received by Council which were incorporated into the plan, where possible.

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