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So you think your actions don't make a difference to the environment?

Learn how a few simple steps can help you to help the environment every day at Ecofest 2016 - CQ's largest free environmental awareness event.

The theme to this year's Ecofest is 'Small Change Creates Real Change' and the event aims to highlight how the community can help the environment by making small lifestyle changes.

Of course, change is something that we are well accustomed to in the growing Gladstone Region but it does not always happen on the industrial scale that we have witnessed in recent years.

Change is constant. By visiting Ecofest and learning how the community's actions, coupled with Council initiatives with industry and businesses, can help make our environment a cleaner and safer one in which to live, work and play, you can contribute to the growing environmental cause.

Event details


Sunday, June 5


9am to 3pm




Gladstone Tondoon Botanic Gardens, Glenlyon Road, Gladstone

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How to get there


For further information contact event coordinators Gladstone Festivals & Events on (07) 4972 5111.