Youth Events & Activities Youth Events & Activities


SUNfest is the region's premier youth holiday program, full of fun and exciting activities for youths (aged 11 to 17 years). The program is held in January each year.

National Youth Week

2017 National Youth Week will be held from Friday 31 March to Sunday 9 April.  

More than 15 events are expected in the 2017 Gladstone Region Youth Week program, available early March. Events include:

Empower Your Business - Gladstone 
Agnes Water Disco - 12  to 17 years
End of Summer Party - Community Event, Mt Larcom
Gladstone Pop Con - Community Event 
Personal Presentation & Styling Course - 18 to 25 years
Archery -  Awoonga Dam 
Building Basic IT Skills Towards the Future  - Gladstone 
Schoolies Talk  - Gladstone 
Adventure Camp on Awoonga Dam 
QCWA Country Cooking - Tannum Sands
Garden Art - Community Event, Gladstone
Street Art Workshop - Gladstone          
Rumble in the Park -  Gladstone 
Roadway to Success - Gladstone 
Moonlight Upcycled Fashion Show - Gladstone 
Creative Ink Workshop - Gladstone 
Save-a-Mate - Gladstone 
Light on at Boyne Island Skate Park - Community Event 
Movie Night - Community Event, Gladstone 
Lights on at the Calliope Skate Park  - Community Event 

Mayor's Youth Breakfast

Council's 2017 Mayor's Youth Breakfast was held on Friday, March 31. 
The invitation-only event was attended by nominated youths between 12 and 24 years of age from across the Gladstone Region. 

Gladstone Pop Con

Gladstone Pop Con was held on Saturday 1 April. 

School holiday activities

Council compiles a two week school holiday program each September. 

Gladstone Region Libraries and the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum regularly host school holiday activities for youths and families.

If your organisation is hosting events or activities for youths during school holidays, we're happy to assist with promoting the event. To arrange, please contact Council's Youth Development team located at the Community Advisory Service.