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Gladstone Region's Welcome - Settlement - Integration (WSI) Model

Gladstone Region: The Region Of Choice, Where diversity is not only appreciated but also encouraged was recently presented at the 12th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations in Vancouver (Canada).
This living document portrays some of the challenges and benefits of living in a highly diverse society from a local government perspective and proposes Welcome-Settlement-Integration Model to strengthen Community Cohesiveness.
While Gladstone Regional Council welcomes industrial expansion, it is vital that the process is well managed so all residents benefit from the experience.
The initial focus of the partnership between Council and industrial proponent has been on reinforcing hard infrastructure; however, it is equally acknowledged the importance of working on a cooperative and collaborative approach for the betterment of the soft infrastructure as well.

Furthermore, Gladstone Regional Council and community stakeholders have joined efforts to implement a framework system called the Welcome - Settlement - Integration (WSI) Model, in which all newcomers to the great ''Region of Choice'' are equally welcomed to participate in community activities regardless of where they come from (i.e. interstate, intertown or overseas).

This model provides a range of programs and activities to ensure community cohesion and inclusion, through addressing people's physical, mental, emotional and social needs. Those community-based strategies include Welcome to Gladstone Morning Teas, Welcome to Gladstone packs, information sessions (on a variety of topics including health services, sport & recreation opportunities, volunteering etc.), Come & Try Days, social events and a new Resident Mentoring Program to increase newcomers' ability to integrate successfully into the community.

Welcome to Gladstone Booklet

The Welcome to Gladstone Booklet was produced by the Gladstone Regional Council under the Local Area Multicultural Partnership (LAMP) program and the Intercultural Reference Group and sponsored by QGC.

The booklet is intended to provide a basic idea of the services and assistance available from government and non-government organisations in the Gladstone region, and where you can go to ask for advice. In its pages you can find practical information that may help you settle in the Gladstone area and integrate into life in Australia.

Click here to view a copy of the Welcome to Gladstone Booklet.

If you need any further information regarding community and settlement services, multicultural contacts and resources please do not hesitate to contact the Multicultural Community Relations Officer at the Community Engagement Centre (CEC) on 4976 6300.

Multicultural Week

The Gladstone Region's Multicultural Week and Festival Day is an opportunity for all Gladstone Region residents to come together to share aspects of their Culture, Faith and Language, and celebrate the benefits multiculturalism brings to our Region.

The annual Gladstone Region's Multicultural Week and Festival Day is usually celebrated from the last Friday of July till the first Sunday of August.

For information, visit our Multicultural Week web page

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