How to Read your Water Meter How to Read your Water Meter

The following diagram has been designed to help you read your water meter and keep track of how many kilolitres your household is using.  It’s also an easy way to work out your bill before it’s due!

Most meters are metric meters and they read in kilolitres as follows:

Reads 7,894.62 kilolitres which is equal to 7,894,620 litres. 

In this example, the current reading is


Less previous reading as per rate notice due








Based on the above example, consumption was 171kl for the period.  The water bill consumption would be calculated as follows: 171 X $1.65 = $282.159. Please Note: this example was calculated using the current rate for the Lake Awoonga Supply Area which includes consumers in the Gladstone, Calliope, Mount Larcom, Calliope, Boyne Island and Tannum Sands areas. Consumers in the Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy Water Supply Area are on a different rate. 

The 2014/15 Water consumption charges are as follows for each Water Supply Scheme:  

 Lake Awoonga  $1.65/kL
 Miriam Vale/Bororen  $3.69/kL
 Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy  $3.74/kL



and the following 2014/15 annual Water Access Charges apply to each Water Supply Scheme:

Water Access Charges:

   Lake Awoonga  Miriam Vale/ Bororen  Agnes Water/ Seventeen Seventy
 Vacant  $401  $485  $496
 20mm  $401  $485  $496
 25mm (Domestic)  $401  $485  $496
 25mm (Commercial)  $626  $757  $774
 32mm  $1,027  $1,242  $1,270
 40mm  $1,604  $1,940  $1,984
 50mm  $2,506  $3,031  $3,100
 80mm  $6,416  $7,760  $7,936
 100mm  $10,025  $12,125  $12,400
 150mm  $22,556  $27,281  $27,900
 200mm  $40,100  $48,500  $49,600
 250mm  $62,656  $75,781  $77,500
 300mm  $90,225  $109,125  $111,600
 375mm  $140,977  $170,508  $174,375












The above charges are subject to change after Council's Budget Meeting on July 6, 2015.

Deliberate damage to Water Meters will not be tolerated

It has come to Councils attention that some water services, in particular water meters, are being damaged or otherwise removed in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to reduce household water costs.

As most residents are aware, all properties which have a Council supplied water service are charged for every drop of water which passes through their metering or control device, ie water meter, or in the instance of the Beecher scheme, via a control valve. In all instances, the metering device and the service remains the property of Council.

Reducing the recorded consumption is an illegal practice, and the net result is that everyone’s water will cost more in order to make up the deficiency created by the ‘uncharged’ water.

Council has a number of options available for dealing with these issues, and will proceed with any or all of the options to ensure that the right thing is done by the community.

The options available include:

Criminal Charges:

  • wilful damage (in the case of a damaged service)
  • theft of property (removing the meter)
  • fraud (Defrauding Council of Due Income)

Offences (Water Act)

  • Unauthorised Taking, supply of interfering with Water (maximum penalty $124,875)
  • Tampering with Devices (including service) (maximum penalty $75,000)
  • Connecting to Mains or services without approval (maximum penalty $75,000)
  • Interfering with Council’s Assets (maximum penalty $75,000)
  • Take water without approval (maximum penalty $75,000)

Residents who notice damage to their water meter, or who have any queries or concerns regarding their water supply, are encouraged to contact Council on 4970 0700. 


Any maintenance to water meters are the responsibility of Council, it is illegal for residents to tamper with the water meter.  Should residents notice the water meter leaking, or it has sustained damage in any way, please contact Council.  Residents should be aware that any intentional damage to the water meter will be an expense to the owner.