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The provision of reticulated water is a direct responsibility of Council with the prime objective being the provision of safe and reliable supplies at an acceptable cost to the community whilst encouraging a water conservation attitude within the community at large. Council maintains two different systems; normal pressurised and constant flow.

Council's Water Fees & Charges
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Calliope Water Supply    
Gladstone Water Supply    
Miriam Vale Water Supply    
Bororen Water Supply
Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy Integrated Water Project (Desalination)    
Rain Water Tanks
Water Meters
Fixed Standpipe Water

Water Restrictions
For consumers within the Gladstone Regional Council local government area there are currently no water restrictions. Council would only impose restrictions when circumstances change and restrictions are required.



Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Report 2014.15

The Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Report 2014.15 documents Council's water service performance based on water quality and the implementation of actions detailed in the Queensland Government's Drinking Water Quality Management Plan (DWQMP) as required under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

The report pertains to water provided by Gladstone Regional Council through four water schemes - Lake Awoonga Scheme, Bororen Scheme, Miriam Vale Scheme, and the Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy Scheme.

To view Council's Drinking Water Quality Management Plan Report 2014.15 click here