Waste Frequently Asked Questions Waste Frequently Asked Questions


  • The Benaraby Landfill will only accept asbestos weighing 250kg or less. Please fill out the Application for Disposal at Benaraby Landfill form and fax it to 4975 0700. List of Prices for Special Disposal.
  • Applicants will have to wait for an approval back from council before disposal.
  • 48hrs notice is required and disposal is between 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday.
  • Small quantities from domestic residences may be disposed of at the landfill providing it cannot be damaged when it is unloaded and that it complies with council's standard conditions that are found on the application form.

All asbestos over 250kg (approx 20 square meters, if no tiles or heavy material is attached) is NOT permitted to be disposed of at the landfill. A private contractor (i.e. JJ Richards & Sons – 4972 9399) will need to be organized by the applicant for the asbestos to be collected. For more information regarding Handling and removal of asbestos please see this guide "Asbestos - A guide to Minor renovation"

Car Bodies

Car bodies are only accepted at Benaraby Landfill and Agnes Water Transfer Station, although must be collected by a private contractor for removal. Please refer to a phone directory for a tow truck operator.


Fuel cannot be disposed of as it is volatile and cannot go in with waste oil as it may explode. If there is a small amount of fuel, council suggests that the lid is left open so the fuel can evaporate into the atmosphere or it may be suitable for use in a lawn mower.

Green Waste

Green Waste is free for disposal in volumes no greater then a single axle trailer and single wheel ute/car trailer. Large loads disposed of in other vehicles will incur a disposal charge.


Council does not accept mercury at any Landfill or Transfer Stations. Please contact Nationwide Oil in Rockhampton on 07 4922 8299 for collection. This includes thermometers containing mercury.

Waste/Cooking Oils

Waste oil must not go into the general or recycle wheelie bins. Domestic waste engine oil and domestic cooking oils can be disposed of at all sites with no charge. Oil drums must not be over 20L and must not contain any kitty litter.


Paint can only be disposed of if it is hard. Please take the lid off the paint tin if it is liquid, add kitty litter or like, and let harden.

White Goods

White goods are free for disposal. Please see link below for disposal information regarding old fridges or freezers.


LPG Gas Cylinders

Domestic cylinders can be disposed of at no charge. Only cylinders up to 9Kg are accepted. Oxyacetylene cylinders must be returned to BOC Gas & Gear on Red Rover Road, Gladstone – 4972 2533.


Wood is free for disposal from domestic residents if it is considered clean. Kitchen cupboards, beach tops and stained and laminated chipboard are not considered clean wood therefore a fee will be charged for dumping this material.

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal (e.g. rain water tanks, hot water systems) is free for disposal for domestic loads. Commercial loads may be sold directly to Metal Recyclers.

Car Batteries

Car batteries are accepted at all sites and are at no charge.

Mobile Phones

Mobile muster collection bins can be found at all council offices.

Sharps Disposal

Sharps disposal bins can be found at Council's offices at Calliope and Gladstone, and the Boyne Tannum Community Centre.

Agricultural & Veterniart Chemicals

For safe collection of unwanted chemicals register at www.chemclear.com.au or phone 1800 008 182.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can be taken to Chubb Fire Safety at Shop 4, 35 Chapple Street, Gladstone - 4973 4500.