Transfer of Food Licence (Sale of Business) Transfer of Food Licence (Sale of Business)

This section applies to businesses that have undergone a sale and have new owners.

Health Compliance Inspection (Optional)

It is important to check that the business you are looking at holds a current licence.  In most cases this information can be established over the phone.

Prior to purchasing an existing food vending vehicle or similar, prospective buyers can request a Health Compliance Inspection accompanied by the appropriate fee.  The request is usually forwarded through a solicitor but can be made personally with an appropriate letter.  When the request is received, an Environmental Health Officer will perform an inspection of the vehicle/s and operation to identify any areas where it does not comply with the Food Safety Standards.  A letter will then be completed identifying items of non-compliance and copies will be forwarded to the current owners and party requesting the Health Compliance Search.

Once licensing of the vehicle/s has been transferred, the current licensed owner is the person that Council deems responsible for fixing any ‘faults’ with the vehicle/s regardless of verbal or contractual arrangements between the relevant parties.  Therefore it is recommended to get this inspection done prior to transfer of ownership.

Step 1: Applying to Amend a Licence

To transfer the food licence into the new owners name requires for the licensee details for the premises to be amended.  The relevant amendment form and amendment fee are to be submitted to Councils Environmental Health Section.

For Food Licensing Forms (Click Here)

Step 2: Issuing the Approval to Operate

Your approval to operate will be sent to you once the amendment application form has been assessed.  It is important to note that the Food Act 2006 states that a Food Licence can only be granted to someone who has the skills and knowledge required to perform the required functions of the food business.  Approval will not be granted without adequate proof of skills and knowledge in food safety.