Trade Waste Approval Process? Trade Waste Approval Process?

  1.  Submit your Trade Waste Discharge application form, with payment of the appropriate fees, along with available copies of property plans, trade waste meter details and pre-treatment device information to Councils Trade Waste Section or Councils Customer Service points.
  2. Council staff will review your application and provide a written response on your application along with any design approval conditions.
  3. Undertake construction of your facility and arrange for annual fee payments to be made.
  4. Once payment of the annual fee has been made, contact Council to organise a final inspection.
  5. Council will inspect your facility to ensure your site is constructed in accordance with your design approval.
  6. A Trade Waste Permit will be issued upon a satisfactory final inspection.

Note: This process could take up to 6 weeks dependent on what conditions may have to be addressed during the process.

Approval System

The Trade Waste application must be completed to obtain Council approval to discharge Trade Waste to sewer. It is the responsibility of the generator to obtain this approval. Should more than one trade waste generator exist on a property then application are to be made by each individual generator. Council will process the application to issue a Trade Waste Permit or negotiate a Trade Waste Agreement with the generator. The Permit/Agreement will contain the conditions and obligations of the trade waste permit/agreement holder. It is the responsibility of the trade waste generator to pay relevant fees for the approval / permit.

NOTE: A plumbing and drainage clearance certificate must be issued before a trade waste permit will be issued.

Once approvals are granted to discharge trade waste, the property owner will be billed for the combined trade waste water volume discharge biannually. It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the volumetric charges are paid.

Both the generator and the property owner are responsible to ensure Council is updated if circumstances in the Permit/Agreement change.