Tigalee Creek Project Tigalee Creek Project

The $1.66 million Tigalee Creek Project involveD the construction of a water detention basin within Kathleen Shanahan Park in Gladstone to help reduce the incidence of water overtopping Glenlyon Road during one-in-100 year rain events.

The project was funded on an equal-share basis between Gladstone Regional Council and the Federal and State Governments under the Natural Disaster Resilience Program - NDRP.

The NDRP was introduced to reduce Queensland communities' vulnerability to natural hazards by supporting local governments and other stakeholders to build community resilience by:

a) Reducing community vulnerability to natural hazards;

b) Supporting community stakeholders to build community resilience and increase community self-reliance;

c) Promoting innovation through a focus on building partnerships between sectors, supporting volunteering, encouraging a regional or catchment area approach to mitigation and potential impacts due to climate change; and

d) Ensuring that NDRP funding is used in an efficient way.

Priorities for the NDRP including funding for Queensland's highest risk natural disasters; enhancing community preparedness for natural events through community education and awareness raising; and the strategic targetting to increase resilience across sectors.

The Project

The Tigalee Creek Project involved constructing a dry bed stormwater detention basin that was recommended in the Auckland Creek Food Study Report (August 2006).

The basin's initial design of 3.7ha has since between reduced, with a slight reduction in its efficiency, after community consultation by Council in late 2010.

The basin will store water for longer than currently in Kathleen Shanahan Park and in doing so, reduce the velocity of water along the creek, making it safer for pedestrians, motorists and residents along the creek line.

Despite repeated delays due to unseasonal rain, the project was completed and several torrential downpours since show it is reducing the incidence of flooding downstream, as planned.

SID's Disaster Awareness Day SID's Disaster Awareness Day

CQUniversity Australia Bachelor of Learning Management (BLM) students have delivered a program to students of Kin Kora State School that focuses on raising awareness of natural disasters and how to cope during such events.

The program, developed in conjunction with Gladstone Regional Council as part of funding received for the Tigalee Creek Project, was delivered on June 3 and involved a stage performance where key messages were issued; a session with emergency service personnel; and an interactive whiteboard session in Year 7 classes.

The program was hailed a success by all concerned and has resulted in the development of an educational resource kit that will be made available to schools from July  this year.

Photographs are available below for viewing and download.

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SID's Safety in Disaster Day Image Gallery (Downloadable) SID's Safety in Disaster Day Image Gallery (Downloadable)

SID Star (Ann Inglis) performs a rap at SID's Safety in Disaster Day at
Kin Kora State School.
CQUniversity Australia Gladstone BLM students perform during SID's
Safety in Disaster Day.
Kin Kora students Oliver Tann (back left), Nathaniel
Edgar (back right) and (front, from left) Kacie-Lee Boon,
Hope Ney, Yindi May Frail and Zane Moore with (back)
Dr Ali Black, Ann Inglis (SID), Julianne Impiccini, (front row of CQU BLM students) Amber Cowper, Abby Scanlan, Rhondee Colebrook, Jillian Schulke and Angela Grouhel.
Sgt Jeff Beckitt discusses the involvement of the Queensland Police Service in natural disaster situations with students of Kin Kora State School.Emma Donohoe-Dix gets a tour of a
police vehicle with Sgt Jeff Beckitt.
SES members Brigitte Tirant, Paul Howkins,
Steve Felix and Les Gordon
with Kin Kora students Ella McIvor,
Sarah Dunn and Braedy Honour.
Emergency services personnel, CQUniversity staff and students and Kin Kora State School principal Kay Kirkman. CQU BLM students present at Kin Kora State SchoolCQU BLM students conduct an
interactive whiteboard lesson as part
of the disaster education program
at Kin Kora State School.