Tips for Around the Home Tips for Around the Home


Sustainable living tips for around the home

Recycling means that your waste is going to become useful to someone else. It also helps to make sure there is enough resources left for future generations to enjoy. Below are some links to useful website that provide numerous tips on how to reduce, recycle and reuse your waste products.

                   Mobile phone (click here)
                   Printer cateridge (click here)
                   Light bulbs (click here)

At this year's Ecofest event, attendees were given an opportunity to provide their own sustainability tips for several areas of the home including; the bathroom, kitchen, lounge and outdoor areas (pictured). These tips have been compiled and are available for community use. Residents are encouraged to take some time to read through these tips and aim to apply them to ensure their household is environmentally sustainable.

Sustainability tips for around the home