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Whose responsibility is the road network?

Council has the direct responsibility for the provision of its road network. The prime objective is to provide these services at a standard acceptable to the community in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Not all roads in the region are the responsibility of Council, though. The Department of Main Roads has responsibility of a number of roads which pass through the region. Visit the Department of Main Roads' road and traffic information page for details of these.

Council acknowledges that one of the prime considerations in road maintenance is determining the balance between service provisions by contract as against a day labour workforce. Being a local authority with a large rural road component in its road network, Council must maintain a sufficient day labour workforce to adequately maintain roads on a day to day basis and also deal with disaster situations caused by extreme drought, flooding or cyclone

Traffic and road reports

For up-to-date roads and traffic information including road closures in the Fitzroy region and throughout Queensland click here to connect to - the Department of Transport and Main Roads Traffic and Travel Information website.

Alternatively, visit Council's Road Condition Report which is located at the top left of the home page.

Programmed works for week commencing 19 January 2015

Southern Area:

  • Barnetts Road- Maintenance grade and resheet
  • Woodside Road- Maintenance grade and resheet
  • Blackmans Gap Road - Maintenance grade and resheet
  • Blomfield Street - footpath
  • Agnes Water - Drainage maintenance
  • Captain Cook Drive - pipe extention


Western Area: Week Commencing 19th January 2015

  • Mt Larcom Crew - The Narrows Rd, Popenia Rd, Langmorn Rd
  • Boyne Valley Crew -  Glad Monto Re Seal Prep, Flood Restoration -  Mt Hector Road
  • Calliope Grader Crew - Daetz Road - Re sheet
  • Capital Works -  Landing Rd & Forest Rd Intersection Upgrade

Central Area:

  • Shaw Street Bus Shelter - to be completed
  • Cleaning and tidying of  bus shelter areas
  • Guard Rail repair - various locations
  • Rural Road signage upgrade - various locations
  • Fallen tree removal - various locations
  • Footpath repair and maintenanc


PLEASE NOTE:  This schedule is a forecast only and may change at any time due to reasons such as a delay in works as a result of wet weather.


Driveways & Work on Roads

 Construction of driveway in urban, commercial and Industrial areas
 Construction of driveway in rural areas
 Concrete pathway
 Open/occupy road and/or disrupt traffic flow
 Connect to Council's stormwater drain
 Erect temporary fencing
 Barracading and/or material on road/footpath
 Deposit plant or materials on road/footpath
 Hoisting, excavation, construction and cleaning on Council roads and  driveway

 Standard Conditions


 Special Conditions:








Gates & Grids

 Install, renew, transfer ownership or register an existing gate and/or grid

 Standard Condition




  • Naming of streets, roads, parks, bridges and other places (Download)
  • Roads - Maintenance of formed or gravel roads (Download)
  • Roads - Maintenance of unformed and unmade roads (Download)
  • Roads - Naming of Streets, Roads, Parks, Bridges and Other Places (Download)
  • Roads - Quality Assurance Statements for Roads (Download)
  • Rural Roads - Construction of Roads in Rural Areas (Download)
  • Rural Roads - Ex-Gratia arrangements with Landowners (Download)
  • Street Addressing - Allocation of Urban & Rural Addresses for Building & Property Adjoining Roads (Download)