Rates Rates

Gladstone Regional Council, like every Local Government in Queensland, gains the bulk of its operating budget revenue through general rates and service charges. General rates are essentially a tax on property and are based on land valuations. Service charges are levied on properties that receive a specific service.

The revenue generated by general rates and service charges allows Council to maintain and operate existing infrastructure and services and provide for new capital projects.

The 2016/17 rates notices will be issued mid August.

Property owners who experience difficulty meeting their rate payments should contact Council immediately to ensure a payment agreement can be negotiated before the due date.

To access Council's instalment payment scheme, ratepayers fill out the form on the back of their rates notice and return it to their local Council office.

Ratepayers should also be aware that their water rates for the previous six months will also be included in their rates figures.

Several payment methods are available to property owners including BPAY, POSTbillpay, in person at Council offices, by mail or by credit card.

Ratepayers are advised to make BPAY or POSTbillpay payments at least two days prior to the discount deadline to ensure Council receives the payment in time.

More details about payment options are included on the back of rates notices or by visiting our Payments Options page.

Your rates notice will be accompanied by an information booklet detailing important rates information including a Rates & Charges Booklet.

For more information or assistance with your rates notice, contact Council on 4976 6999, or click the links below.

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