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Development within the Gladstone Regional Council area is currently managed by three existing Planning Schemes.  That is, the planning schemes for the former Gladstone City Council, Calliope Shire Council and Miriam Vale Shire Council remain in effect until such time as the new Gladstone Regional Council planning scheme is adopted. The proposed planning scheme will be available for public comment from November 10 to December 19, 2014.

However, within the Gladstone Regional Council area, development may also be managed by the Gladstone Ports Corporation and/or the Coordinator-General.  This is due to the Gladstone Ports Corporation managing land use on Strategic Port Land and the Coordinator-General managing land use within the State Development Areas.

In addition, the Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) have the ability to declare Urban Development Areas (UDA). Development of these areas are managed by the ULDA.

The following are links to view documents as mentioned above:

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Development Scheme

Note: Coordinator-General forms part of the Department of Employment Economic Development & Innovation

Development Scheme - Clinton Urban Development Area

Development Scheme - Clinton Priority Development Area