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Gladstone Regional Council has submitted a development application for the proposed Philip Street Communities Precinct.

Philip Street is a 27 hectare site that is planned to be developed to satisfy a number of social infrastructure needs for Gladstone in a pleasant parkland setting, with more than 50 per cent of the site planned to be retained in its natural form.

The design seeks to co-locate and aggregate a number of human and social services functions, including the relocation of Council's own Community Advisory Service; the construction of a replacement Neighbourhood Centre that is currently located at 105 Toolooa Street; the establishment of a child and family centre and a youth enterprise centre.

The proposal includes an outdoor amphitheatre and playground; a retirement village of some 200 units; and a 60 allotment residential estate, including some higher-density housing to replace existing Government stock managed by Council.

An application for $10 million funding under the Federal Government’s Building Better Regional Cities program has presented a funding setback for the projects, but Council remains confident that it can assemble a suitable capital funding solution that will ensure no undue burden on ratepayers.

Planning Rethink

Development at this site is not new to Council as it has been earmarked for mixed density residential development for more than a decade now; firstly by the then Queensland Housing Commission and now by Council.

But the current proposal was developed by Council in response to the following events:

  • An offer from the Queensland Government of $2 million to replace the existing Neighbourhood Centre at 105 Toolooa Street.
  • Recommendations from the joint Queensland Government, GEIDB and Council Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan that suggest Council seeks to aggregate/co-locate social services/facilities away from the CBD and closer to retail centres and public transport routes.
  • Lobbying by the Gladstone Retirement Village Committee (GRVC) to establish a retirement village in the region, with its preference for the Philip Street site as it based close to services and facilities.
  • The need for additional housing sites - a revenue stream to off-set the capital cost for the balance of the development. Partnership discussions with the Gladstone Affordable Housing Company (Brisbane Housing Company) are under way.

Project Funding

Council’s aim is for the capital works for this project to be funded from sources other than Council borrowings and/or general rates.

Philip Street Communities Precinct Location Map (view)

Philip Street Communities Precinct Proposal Plan (view)

Have Your Say

Gladstone Regional Council is seeking preliminary approvals for the site and recently sought residents feedback on the proposed development in June 2013.

History of Philip Street Communities Precinct History of Philip Street Communities Precinct

For almost a decade now, different proposals have been put forward to develop public property known as Lot 7 Philip Street (See site map).

Proposals by the Queensland Government for a mixed-density residential development (including retirement village) in 2003 were not advanced and the property was subsequently sold to the (then) Gladstone City Council.

At the time, Council had no immediate plans for the property, but reserved its rights to recover the cost of acquisition through some future development (See minutes of Council meetings, March 15, 2004 and March 25 March 2004).

Since late 2009, a series of coincidental occurrences have triggered a review of the site's future:

  • Representations to Council from the Gladstone Retirement Village Committee (representing National Seniors Gladstone Branch, Association of Independent Retirees Port Curtis Branch, QAL Retirees' Club, Gladstone Central Committee on the Ageing, Pensioners' & Superannuants' League Gladstone Branch and Gladstone & District Senior Citizens' Club Inc.) to offer up land to stimulate development of a retirement village in Gladstone Region.
  • An offer of $2 million from the Queensland Government to construct a new Neighbourhood Centre on Council land, replacing the facility currently operating at 105 Toolooa Street.
  • Recommendations from the recently-completed Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan advocating for creation of a centralised Community Services Precinct and to co-locate a number of services (including Community Advisory Service currently at 142 Goondoon Street) at the one site in closer proximity to retail areas (nominally Kin Kora shopping centres) and public transport routes.

In an attempt to advance some or all of these proposals, the Philip Street property is being looked at again for development.

Concept plans have been developed for Council showing the possible co-location of the following facilities on that site, including:

  • A Retirement Village.
  • A Community Services Precinct with up to seven "hubs" offering an array of integrated community services.  Such relocated hubs might include Community Advisory Service (currently at 142 Goondoon Street) and Communities for Children (currently operated by GAPDL), alongside other complementary services such as youth, multicultural etc.
  • A parkland setting incorporating an open-air ampitheatre, playgrounds, public amenities and walking trails.
  • Some 50-odd mixed-density residential allotments; and,
  • A natural buffer zone.

As is the case for any project of this type, a proper development application will need to be prepared with many issues (including traffic, stormwater, water/sewer capacity, noise attenuation, vegetation etc.) to be assessed against the current town plan and other development codes.

In advance of determining whether or not to submit a formal application for this proposal, Council has been seeking some community feedback:

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Anyone wanting to learn more about this proposal, or discuss things in detail should contact Council's Director Community Services, Cale Dendle on 4976 6969, 0419 797 433 or