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Advance payments

Council accepts payment in advance of  your rate notice. You can pay as much and as frequently as you choose to get your assessment in credit prior to the issue of notices.

Pre-payments can be made via Council's Online Services (either as a registered user or by quoting the reference number on your most recent rate notice). You can also use the BPAY details from your last notice to set up regular internet banking transfer. You can also make advance payments by visiting a Council Customer Contact Point or by phoning us on 4970 0700.

Amounts paid in advance show as prepayments on your next rate notice.

Through an advance payment, ratepayers can also return to the old system of one annual (rather than six-monthly) water access and sewerage charges through a lump sum payment.


Ratepayers can choose to pay their rate account by instalments subject to the conditions on the rate instalment application form.

Payment methods

The following payment methods can be used to pay your rates bills in a lump sum.

All payments must be received by Council prior to the discount expiry date for a discount to apply. Please factor in delays in payment deliveries, for example via mail or your banking institution, when timing your payments.

Some of the listed payment methods can also be used to make advance payments or payment instalments.


  • Council's Online Services portal
    Online Services offers the ability to make a payment or register to also view your history of rate notices and payments.
  • BPAY
    Use the biller code and reference number on the front of your rate notice when accessing your bank's online banking service. Please factor in processing times to ensure Council receives payment by discount or payment deadlines.

By telephone

  • BPAY
    Call your bank to pay by BPAY using the biller code and reference number on the front of your rate notice. Please factor in processing times to ensure Council receives payment by discount or payment deadlines.

By mail

  • Cheques and money orders made payable to Gladstone Regional Council and accompanied by the bottom portion of your rate notice. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

In Person

  • Council Offices
    Payment can be made at any of Gladstone Regional Council's offices. Cash, cheque, money orders, eftpos and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Bankcard and American Express) are all accepted. See Administration Centres for opening hours.
  • Australia Post
    Payments can be made at any Australia Post office with a copy of your rate notice. Cash, cheque or eftpos payments are accepted. Credit card payments are not accepted by Australia Post.

Direct Debit

  • If choosing to pay by instalments, you may wish to consider the direct debit option where Council withdraws the nominated instalment amount from your bank account on the 21st of each month.
  • The lump sum direct debit option authorises Council to withdraw the required amount to pay your rate and/or water notices on the day prior to the due date.

Direct Debit Form

Wage or Centrelink deductions

  • Centrepay
    Ratepayers who receive payments from Centrelink can arrange for regular, automatic rate deductions from their fortnightly Centrelink payment. Application forms are available from Centrelink.
    The Centrepay reference number is 555076313K. Please use your assessment number from your rate notice as Council's reference number.
  • Wage deductions
    Gladstone Ports Corporation and Queensland Health have arrangements with Council to make optional, regular rates deductions from employees wages. Employees should contact their employer directly to arrange.

Overseas Residents

  • Overseas residents are required to forward remittances by bank draft in Australian currency to avoid short payments as a result of currency fluctuations.