Calliope Cemetery Calliope Cemetery

New Calliope Cemetery

Council is planning to construct a new Calliope Cemetery in stages over 25 years with work due to commence during the 2011/12 financial year.

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Mead Perry Organisational Review Report Mead Perry Organisational Review Report

Gladstone Regional Council has generally endorsed the Mead Perry Organisational Review Report of June 2011 that provided 13 recommendations aimed at ensuring future financial sustainability of the organisation.

The CEO has now been asked by Council to prepare a detailed report on each of the recommendations over the ensuing financial year.

The Organisational Review Report by the Mead Perry Group focuses on addressing four key strategic organisational aims:

  • To ensure that Council rates and charges do not exceed the community’s capacity to pay;
  • To critically analyse Council’s service delivery model to ensure that Council remains competitive and provides value for money in its service delivery;
  • To ensure Council has a sustainable workforce of appropriate size and capacity to maintain competitive service delivery; and
  • To have quality strategic financial plans informed by asset management systems to ensure that infrastructure assets maintain quality service delivery.

The Mead Perry Group, while undertaking the review, critically analysed the organisation and provided 13 recommendations to Council on how it could assure sustainability while providing a balance between revenue generation and service standards.

This project explored and made recommendations in relation to Council's financial sustainability; its rating effort based on appropriate benchmarking; the appropriateness and sustainability of existing service standards given revenue constraints; the establishment of strategic financial planning and modelling to inform and support quality decision making; and the current service delivery model.

Among the recommendations were:

  • Embracing the use of financial forecasting in decision making;
  • Reviewing the adequacy of the current financial reporting arrangements and establishing reporting needs;
  • Conducting a review of the general rating system with the view to establish an enhanced equity and revenue generation capacity;
  • That Council review the level of fees and charges in the Development Services Directorate with the aim of establishing cost recovery in the areas of Statutory planning, Building and Plumbing; and
  • Reviewing operations and considering options to improve the operating position through one or more of the following means:
    • Reducing costs through operational savings or reduced service delivery;
    • Ensuring that overheads are recovered;
    • Increasing charges; and/or
    • The restructuring of operations which may involve the divestment of activities or involvement of the private sector.

To download a copy of the Mead Perry Group Organisational Review Report click here.