New Food Licence / Alteration of Existing Licence New Food Licence / Alteration of Existing Licence

Applying for a new food business licence

This section applies to proposed new installations or alterations to existing premises including mobile food vendors. There are two stages to the application process: design approval and approval to operate.

Note: Prior to submitting an application to operate a new food business or alter existing premises, you need to ensure any relevant Planning, Trade Waste, Building and/or Plumbing approvals have been granted.

Stage 1 - Design Approval

Step 1: Complete and submit the Food Application Form with plans and pay application fee
An application for design approval for your new food business is to be made to Council's Environmental Health Unit along with the relevant form, fee and plans. Complete the food application form in its entirety including detailing all other approvals as required by Council's Planning, Trade Waste, Building and/or Plumbing sections.

Step 2: Plan Assessment and Approval
Council's Environmental Health Unit will assess the application against the relevant requirements of the Food Act 2006 and the Food Safety Standards.  If additional information is required, an Environmental Health Officer will contact you. Once your design has been approved, you will be notified in writing with advice on any conditions imposed.  Written details on the classification of your food business and applicable Annual Licence Invoice will also be given at this stage.

Stage 2 - Approval to Operate (Obtaining a Food Business Licence)

Step 1: Pay Annual Licence Invoice
Once you have received your design approval and constructed the food premises, you are then required to make payment of the Annual Licence Invoice that was issued with your design approval letter.  After payment is made to Council, you are required to notify Council's Environmental Health Unit with the date of payment.

Step 2: Final Inspection
An Environmental Health Officer will undertake a final inspection of the premises prior to opening and operating to the public once we have received your notification of payment for the annual licence.

Step 3: Licence Approval
Your approval to operate (Food Business Licence) will be sent to you if you meet the requirements of the final inspection described above.  If approval is conditional on other work being carried out, a time frame will be negotiated in which the outstanding work must be completed.

For Food Licensing Forms (Click Here)

If you require assistance at any stage of the application, inspection or approvals process, please contact Council's Environmental Health Unit on (07) 4977 6821.