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Multiculturalism is a strategy for all Australians. It encourages us all to express, share and value our cultural heritage and that of others. Multiculturalism aims at ensuring that all Australians have equality of opportunity to benefit from, and contribute to, all aspects of life without prejudice or discrimination.

Gladstone Regional Council (GRC) has developed the Gladstone Multicultural Strategy in partnership with Gladstone Multicultural Association Incorporated (GMAI) and members from the culturally and linguistically diverse community to establish a multicultural framework for the Gladstone region.

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> Local Area Multicultural Partnership (LAMP)

The LAMP program is a partnership strategy between state government and Gladstone Regional Council to support and engage with the community to actively promote harmony and enjoy a multicultural community. The LAMP program assists with a number of community initiatives to promote multiculturalism and a harmonious community, including:

  • The Gladstone Multicultural Festival;
  • The Gladstone Multicultural Strategy; and
  • The Sister City Program.

The LAMP program is jointly funded by the State Department of Communities and Gladstone Regional Council.

> Sister City Program

The LAMP Program also provides assistance and support to the Sister City Program. The Sister City relationship between Gladstone and Saiki City was established on September 4th, 1996. The Sister City movement is a worldwide concept, which operates under the principles of furthering communication and exchanges at a person-to-person level through city-to-city affiliations.

The Gladstone' Sister City Advisory Committee, which is a community based working group, advises Gladstone Regional Council on ways and means to enhance the Sister City Program between the cities of Gladstone and Saiki.

Find out more about Council's Saiki City Sister City relationship (click here)

> Gladstone Multicultural Strategy

The Gladstone Multicultural Strategy aims to identify some of the barriers to community integration and to formulate strategies to achieve community cohesiveness. A community committee is currently leading the implementation phase of the Multicultural Strategy under the umbrella of the Gladstone Intercultural Reference Group, which meets monthly.

Multicultural Strategy 2007

The findings of ABS 2006 census triggered the need of engaging and consulting various sectors of the community to identify issues and solutions stemming from a large influx of new residents to the Region.

The Multicultural Strategy 2007 aimed to create a holistic approach to address some of the Multicultural issues affecting, which were impacting the community as a whole.

To read the Multicultural Strategy 2007 click here.

Gladstone Region Cultural Diversity Profile (ABS Census)

Some of the findings from the ABS census 2006 include:

  • Approximately 40% of our community were born overseas or have parents who were.
  • 72 nationalities in Gladstone Region
  • 29 Different languages spoken at home
  • Dramatic fast change in demographics trend (Migrant population grew from 4.8% in 2001 to 17,8 percent in 2006)
  • English, New Zealanders and Filipinos are the largest communities
  • Indian, Iranian,Chinese,South African are some of the emerging communities
  • German, Farsi, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic are some of the most spoken language at home other than English

Did you know...

  • Click here to find out which organisations are involved in the Gladstone Regional Multicultural framework
  • Click here to find out more statistics on the cultural diversity within the Gladstone Region  

Intercultural Reference Group

The Intercultural Reference group (IRG) is perhaps the most significant outcome of the Gladstone Multicultural Strategy 2007. The IRG is a group of key community stakeholders to steer, coach and supervise the implementation of the top ten Multicultural projects, which have been identified by the local community as the main priorities.

This Reference group is a collective body of individuals, which have the common interest of developing and implementing a holistic approach for Multicultural Affairs within Gladstone Area.

The IRG gets together once a month on the last Wednesday of every month at the Community Advisory service between 5.30 and 7.00 pm. If you would like to participate please call Luis Arroyo at the Community Advisory Service on 07 4976 6300.

To read the IRG Overview and Terms of Reference click here.

The IRG has developed significant tangible outcomes for the Gladstone Region Community including:

Gladstone Regional Council leading on Cultural Diversity implementations

Gladstone Region is proudly a cultural diverse community, in which multiculturalism is not only appreciated but also encouraged.

Gladstone City Council adopted a Cultural Diversity Policy in December 2008 (click here to view the policy) in order to formalize its commitment to Multiculturalism.

Currently Gladstone Regional Council is developing a new Community Inclusive Policy which is more integrative as it embraces a more Community broader concept for all Gladstone Residents.

Gladstone Regional Council is implementing a number of strategies to increase its level of readiness to deliver services for all Gladstone residents including:

Multicultural Week

The Gladstone Region's Multicultural Week and Festival Day is an opportunity for all Gladstone Region residents to come together to share aspects of their Culture, Faith and Language, and celebrate the benefits multiculturalism brings to our Region.

The annual Gladstone Region's Multicultural Week and Festival Day is usually celebrated from the last Friday of July till the first Sunday of August.

For information, visit our Multicultural Week web page.

Support for New Residents