Kirkwood Road Project Kirkwood Road Project

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The $25.3 million federally funded Kirkwood Road Stage 3 project, a new 2.3 kilometre road connects Gladstone-Benaraby Road with the Dawson Highway.

This third and final stage continues on from Stage 2, which opened to traffic in February 2009, completing the strategic ring road providing access to several major industrial areas as well as linking Port Curtis Way with the Bruce Highway.

Stage 3 of Kirkwood Road opened to light vehicle traffic in April 2012 and in late May was registered with the Department of Transport and Main Roads as a Multi-Combination Route in Queensland for use by 23m and 25m doubles.

The full extent of Kirkwood Road now provides a more direct access to the expanding Port of Gladstone and the Aldoga industrial development areas bypassing the central areas of the city.

The road will also take congestion off the Kin Kora roundabout and provide shorter travelling times between Boyne Island, Tannum Sands and Gladstone.

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IPWEAQ Award submission

Council has nomintated the Kirkwood Road project for the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia Queensland Division (IPWEAQ) Excellence Awards. To view a copy of the submission click here.

Project stages Project stages

Gladstone-Benaraby Road traffic changes near Kirkwood Road intersection

Motorists using Gladstone-Benaraby Road temporarily used a newly formed section of road near the Kirkwood Road intersection from mid-February.  As works in the area progressed, the traffic change was accompanied by single lane operations, further speed reductions and traffic delays. Works included drainage, underground conduits and light foundations and pavement works followed by a bitumen seal of the area on February 17 in readiness for it to sustain traffic flow on February 20. In preparation for continuing works, traffic conditions near the intersection altered with northbound and southbound traffic directed to the newly formed road on the western side. At the time of construction no traffic acces was permitted in or out of Kirkwood Road.  Read more

Kirkwood Road access to Gladstone-Benaraby Road temporarily closed, July 2011

Kirkwood Road access to Gladstone-Benaraby Road was temporarily closed to all traffic as of July 31, 2011. The decision to effect a full road closure was made due to safety concerns as works progress at the intersection of Kirkwood and Gladstone-Benaraby Road. This decision was reviewed as construction progressed. See Kirkwood-Gladstone-Benaraby Intersection diagram and Kirkwood-Glenlyon intersection diagram.

Works duration - Council constructed the intersection on behalf of the Department of Transport and Main Roads with the Gladstone-Benaraby Road/Kirkwood Road access open to passenger vehicles on April 20, 2012.

What was involved? - Pre-load work at the site involved placing earthworks on the adjacent mudflats. This process squeezed out the unstable water and mud on the site with the earthworks then providing a solid foundation to support the construction of a northbound left-hand turning lane into Kirkwood Road. The pre-load, together with the extension of drainage structures, took two to three months to complete with about a further three to four months required for the earthworks to settle. Earthworks were monitored throughout the settling process and when movement within the preload  reached predetermined levels the final phase of the project started.

The final phase - This was expected to take a further two to three months to complete and consist ed of pavement and asphalt, construction of the turning lane and the installation of traffic lights, drainage structures and medians.

Reduced speed zones - These were in place in proximity to the work area on Gladstone-Benaraby Road. Reduced speed zones were in place in the vicinity of the intersection with Kirkwood Road and were strictly enforced day and night. Motorists were urged to be aware of constantly changing traffic conditions as the project progressed and of the greater presence of workers and heavy machinery throughout the work site. Delays were expected. Speed limits of 40kph were signed where works were in close proximity to workers and traffic controllers will be utilised.

Overtaking lanes - The northbound and southbound overtaking lanes on Gladstone-Benaraby Road were closed indefinitely.

Major road network milestone

A significant milestone was achieved for Gladstone’s major road network with the upgrading of a significant section of Glenlyon Road. Works on the Glenlyon approaches to the Kirkwood Road intersection completed significant safety and capacity improvements cater for increasing traffic on two major city routes, Glenlyon/Hanson Road and Kirkwood Road. Works in the area of the Kirkwood and Glenlyon Road intersection included kerb, footpaths, asphalt, sealing, installing of guardrails, erection of traffic lights and light poles.


Background Background

The original Kirkwood Road Structure Plan was developed by Gladstone City Council in 2004, to cater for the expected population increase of more than 5000 people and provide a blue print for the connection of emerging and future south western suburbs.

The overall project consists of 3 stages:
Stage 1: (complete)
Stage 2: (complete)
$12.75 million through the Australian Government’s Auslink Strategic Regional Program completing the link from Glenlyon Road to the Dawson Highway.
Stage 3: (complete) Project cost $23.5 million plus $3.5m State Government funding for construction of the Kirkwood Road and Gladstone-Benaraby Road intersection.
Portion A – east of Glenlyon Road intersection and finishing just short of the North Coast Railway overpass
Portion B – south of Kirkwood Road starting near St Stephen’s Lutheran College and continuing south through the Kirkwood Road intersection for a short distance
Portion C – The remaining section of Kirkwood Road which will ultimately complete the connection to Gladstone-Benaraby Road

Stage 1

(past projects)

Stage 2
The official opening on February 19, 2009 marked a major step toward the completion of Gladstone’s western ring road. The 3km section of the project was funded at $12.75 million by the Australian Government.

Stage 2 is a key component providing a heavy vehicle bypass and an alternative entry to the CBD from the city’s newer suburbs.

This was a key milestone for Council and the community providing a future link between Dixon Drive in Telina to Glenlyon Road via Kirkwood Road.

This Stage offers a strategic connection between the Emmadale Gardens area and Glenlyon Road with motorists able to drive from the Dawson Highway, west of the city, to Glenlyon Road, south of Gecko Valley Estate.

Key features
Stage 2
The Paul Neville Bridge over Police Creek: Named in honour of Mr Neville, who as the region’s federal representative when Gladstone was within the Federal seat of Hinkler, played an integral role in securing funding for the Kirkwood Road Project. The concrete bridge is 75m long by 12m wide.

Stage 3
Work commenced in December 2009 and construction of Stage 3 finished in April 2012 completes the link from the Gladstone-Benaraby Road to the Dawson Highway. This is designed as a heavy traffic route bypassing existing urban routes through the centre of Gladstone and will cater for increasing traffic volumes during the city’s anticipated population growth ahead.

Kirkwood Road Project News Archive Kirkwood Road Project News Archive

Kirkwood Rd access to Gladstone-Benaraby Rd temporarily closed

JULY 31, 2011: Gladstone Regional Council has temporarily closed Kirkwood Road access to Gladstone-Benaraby Road to all traffic to enable construction of the Kirkwood/Gladstone-Benaraby Road intersection.

Kirkwood Road inspection high on visiting Minister’s agenda

MAY 23, 2011: Inspection of the $25.3 million federally funded Kirkwood Road Stage 3 project was high on the agenda of Federal Minister for Regional Australia Simon Crean during his visit to Gladstone on Thursday

Works commence on Dixon Drive link to Kirkwood Road

APRIL 4, 2011: Gladstone Regional Council has announced that the construction of the Dixon Drive extension and connection to Kirkwood Road has commenced.

Kirkwood Road Stage 3 blast program to start

MARCH 11, 2010: A two month-long drill and blast program will start this week on the Kirkwood Road Stage 3 Project, with the first blast scheduled for Friday (12 March).

Motorists urged to take care when travelling through Kirkwood works

FEBRUARY 25, 2011: Gladstone Regional Council is urging motorists to take care as work activity increases at the intersection of Kirkwood and Glenlyon roads.