Influences that can affect Road Works Influences that can affect Road Works

Funding and influences which can affect works

The ability to carry out road works on schedule is heavily reliant on staffing levels and available funds.

Council has not been exempt from industry effects on the workforce and has faced challenges maintaining work schedules amid staff turnover.

In addition, Council, for 12 months or more, has experienced difficulties from other sectors including those who provide specialised supplies, such as gravel, asphalt and bitumen.

Council allows for a 40 per cent chance of planned works being delayed from elements of uncertainty, such as staff shortage and unexpected weather events.

Long spells of dry weather can be equally as damaging to the region’s gravel roads as sudden bouts of wet weather.

Dry weather effects on roads can occur over a matter of months, causing surface raffling and dust issues, whereas the impacts of extreme wet weather can cause extensive damage, requiring urgent attention over a matter of days.

Council funds road maintenance activities through contributions from ratepayers and developers while some capital works are assisted by government funding.

Road upgrades are carried out as capital projects.

The announcement of cuts to government funding this financial year, will impact on the region by reducing the scope of, or possibly delaying some planned projects.

Furthermore, any emergency works which are reliant on government funding, can impact on Council’s road maintenance budget if funding delays occur.