HRPAS New Licence HRPAS New Licence

Applying for a new licence or amending an existing licence for higher risk personal appearance services

This section applies to proposed new premises for higher-risk personal appearance services or to amending an existing licence.

An amendment approval must be sought from Council for any changes to an existing shop fit-out that is licenced for higher risk personal appearance services.

If you are unsure if the proposed change requires approval please contact Council's Environmental Health Department for clarification.
Stage 1: Obtain design approval

Step 1: Complete design approval application Form

Apply to Council's Environmental Health Section for design approval for your new or amended shop fit-out, using the relevant form below. You must also provide the specified plans and pay a fee. Be sure to complete the design approval application form in its entirety including detailing all other approvals as required by Council's Planning, Trade Waste, Building and/or Plumbing sections.

Step 2: Plan Assessment and Approval

Council's Environmental Health Section will assess the application against the relevant requirements of the Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003.  If additional information is required, an Environmental Health Officer will contact you.  Once your design approval has been approved, you will be notified in writing with advice on any conditions imposed.  Written details on the classification of your business and applicable annual licence fee will also be given at this stage.

Stage 2: Approval to Operate (Obtaining the Licence)

Step 1: Complete Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services Licence Application Form

Once you have received your design approval and constructed the premises, you are then required to apply to obtain a Higher Risk Personal Appearance Services Licence.  Complete and submit the application form below, along with your annual licence fee

Step 2: Issuing the licence

An Environmental Health Officer (EHO) will undertake a final inspection of the premises prior to opening to the public.  An EHO will arrange for a final inspection to be completed once your licence application and annual licence fee are received,

Step 3: Final Inspection

Once Council has conducted the final inspection and the licence conditions have been met, a licence will be issued and posted out which allows the activity to be conducted in accordance with the licence conditions. Council's Environmental Health Officers conduct annual inspections to ensure ongoing compliance.

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