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You are invited to Have Your Say on any items listed on this page but please be advised by doing so, you authorise Gladstone Regional Council, its staff and authorised consultants and contractors to use the information for the purpose as outlined or implied. Your personal details or any information that reveals your identity will not be given to external sources. Your comments, however, may be used in the compilation of reports for which you provided the information.

Jumpstart our City Heart Jumpstart our City Heart

What does a vibrant, revitalised Gladstone CBD look like to you? How can it be transformed into a place where you want to live, play and work?

Community members are encouraged to answer questions like these to help put a healthy beat back into Gladstone's city heart.

Council is calling for community insights into how the CBD can be shaped into a place where the community and businesses thrive and Gladstone's lifestyle, history and landscapes are celebrated.

Potential actions to improve the social, environmental and economic aspects of the CBD for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors, are:

  • Creating a sense of 'place'
  • Increasing patronage and community activity in the area
  • Creating residential opportunities
  • Further developing events and cultural and leisure opportunities
  • Encouraging new businesses and jobs
  • Diversifying business types
  • Creating green spaces and sustainable landscaping
  • Linking the CBD to Auckland Inlet

You can share your ideas for how these visions can be achieved, and help us jumpstart Gladstone's city heart, via http://haveyoursay.gladstonerc.qld.gov.au

Community  engagement is open until 31 March and will guide the development of Council's Urban Renewal Strategy.

Pine Street Park Builyan Playground Equipment Consultation Pine Street Park Builyan Playground Equipment Consultation

Builyan's Pine Street Park is set to get a modern children's playground but Council wants to know which of three options residents want. Council allocated $45,000 this financial year to fit out the park with children's play equipment and has narrowed down the options to three as their cost is within the budgeted figure and they meet safety standards. Residents of Builyan and Many Peaks are being sent letters advising them of the initiative and requesting feedback, but the consultation is open to all residents with information and a feedback form available here.

The closing date for submissions is Monday, December 7, 2015.

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