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Work is progressing on Gladstone Regional Council’s new amalgamated planning scheme. Council’s strategic planning officers are continuing to work through the intensive project which began in 2009 and, ultimately, will govern the region’s future development.

The new planning scheme will replace the existing planning schemes that apply to the former Gladstone City, Calliope Shire and Miriam Vale Shire councils which amalgamated to become Gladstone Regional Council in 2008.

Its intent is to provide greater uniformity, introducing one binding document of consistent land use planning rules and regulations across Council’s jurisdiction. The new planning scheme will be in accordance with State Government’s Sustainable Planning Act  (SPA) 2009 which includes a mandatory standard format for planning schemes, known as the Queensland Planning Provisions (QPP).

Council is working to the QPP template which also allows for local content to be added among the mandatory sections. Under the SPA, planning schemes need to be revisited every 10 years. The current and projected growth for this area is another factor driving the need for a new planning scheme that will address the uneven development pressures being experienced across the region. Unsurprisingly, the existing planning schemes did not anticipate the growth pressures now being experienced.

Council is currently in the process of drafting a strategic framework which sets the strategic direction for the whole planning scheme. It is expected that an “80 per cent draft” of the Strategic Framework will be completed by March 2013. This will inform the code and zone works that will follow. This is a huge task which cannot be rushed. The focus for Council is to complete a full draft of the new planning scheme and ultimately provide the community with an opportunity to make formal comment. In the interim the current planning schemes prevail.

The final drafts of seven planning scheme strategies have now been received and these can be viewed by clicking the links below (Planning Scheme Strategies Table) from February 18, 2013.

Additionally, copies of these strategies are available for viewing at all of the Gladstone Regional Libraries. These strategies (and the recommendations included) are background documents only and do not represent an agreed Council position.

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Planning Scheme Preparation Process Planning Scheme Preparation Process

Planning Scheme Diagram

Planning Scheme Strategies Planning Scheme Strategies

Planning scheme strategies have been finalised as part of the planning scheme preparation. Please select the following headings to view the documents.

  1. Rural Living Strategy
    Aims to provide strategic direction for rural residential style development in the Council area.

  2. Retail and Commercial Strategy
    Aims to determine the future shopping and commercial needs for the region.

    Retail Locations for Bulky Goods and Automative Uses
    Recommended locations for a second bulky goods retail centre and an automotive retail and services precinct within the Gladstone Region

  3. Industrial Lands Strategy
    Aims to determines future need and demand for industrial land.

  4. Housing Needs Strategy
    Aims to provide Council an understanding of the current and future housing issues and needs in the region.
    Comprises two reports - Housing Needs Analysis and Planning Scheme Analysis. The Housing Needs Analysis is the background document to the recommendations in the Planning Scheme Analysis.

    Residential land mapping and analysis

  5. Landscape Assessment and Building Height Strategy
    Aims to provide a landscape assessment of the region which allows for some quantifiable measurement of scenic values to be developed. It also reviews current land use planning controls on the maximum height of new developments in certain areas.

  6. Urban Design
    Aims to provide an integrated approach to urban development assessment to assist in determinations and provide clear direction of appropriate built form.

NOTE: The planning schemes for the former Gladstone City Council, Calliope Shire Council and Miriam Vale Shire Council remain in effect until such time as the new Gladstone Regional Council planning scheme is adopted. Read further on the Current Planning Schemes.