Flood Restoration Works Flood Restoration Works

Gladstone Regional Council is progressing more than $60 million worth of road and drainage works in the Gladstone region as part of federally funded Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA).

Council has received State Government Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) approval to proceed with flood restoration works in two stages across the region to address damage to the network caused by major flooding in 2012-2013.

Golding Contractors commenced $37 million, Stage 1 (Southern and Eastern Region) of the works in September 2013 while  McCosker BMD Joint Venture commenced $24.6 million, Stage 2 (Northern and Western Region) in November 2013.

Both contract packages are due for completion in mid-2015.

Schedule of NDRRA works

To download a map that illustrates the various stages of the 2012-2013 Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) road and drainage restoration works, being coordinated by Aurecon on behalf of Council, click here.

Current Flood Restoration Status

  • The major component of the 2012-2013 (NDRRA) Stage 1 restoration works under 105/13 Contract Package were completed as of November 2013. Remaining works for Golding Contractors are the Norton Road Bridge and section of the Blackmans Gap Road in the range.(View Map)
  • The major component of the 2012-2013 (NDRRA) Stage 2 restoration works under 01/14 Contract Package were completed in December 2013. The outstanding works are mainly the last section of Tableland Road (Chainage 44km) to Kroombit Tops. (View Map)
  • The other 2012-2013 (NDRRA) Stage 2 restoration works under GRC Contract Package which covers the South-West Region,  mainly the Southern Section of the Boyne Valley Area. Council's remaining works are currently Mt Hector Road and Tableland Road (Chainage 38km). (View Map)

Media Releases

16 Feb 2015 - Range section of Blackmans Gap Road to close to traffic for two days (view)
22 Aug 2014 - Section of East End Road to close to traffic for two weeks (view)
30 July 2014 - Gentle Annie Road to be restricted to local traffic only (view)
20 Mar 2014 - Regional restoration work from 2012-13 flood events continues (view)
14 Nov 2013 - Restored section of Round Hill Road is opened to traffic (view)
21 Oct 2013 - Round Hill Road section planned to reopen to traffic late this week (view)
18 Sept 2013 - Council accepts Stage 2 Tender for Region's 2013 flood damage works (view)
02 Aug 2013 - Increased work crews converge on Round Hill Road as works progress (view)
19 July 2013 - Council accepts Stage 1 Tender for Region's 2013 flood damage works (view)


Stage 1: Golding Contractors - Contract 105/13
For the week ending 6 February 2015 (Download)

Stage 2: McCosker BMD Joint Venture - Contract 01/14
For the week ending 6 February 2015 (Download)

NDRRA 2013:  Stage 2 Contract GRC

For the week ending 6 February 2015 (Download)