Gladstone East Shores Redevelopment Gladstone East Shores Redevelopment

The $35 million Gladstone East Shores precinct represents a once in a generation opportunity to deliver a world-class waterfront for Gladstone.

This redevelopment project will transform the city's foreshore into a vibrant family and lifestyle precinct that supports the central business district and enables residents and visitors to take advantage of the beauty of Auckland Inlet.

Led by the Gladstone Ports Corporation, this project will be delivered in stages over a 10 to 15 year period.

It will be guided by a series of comprehensive master plans to ensure development within the area delivers the vision of a "world class family and lifestyle precinct".

The redevelopment project commenced in 2012 with a four month master planning phase.

GPC has concentrated on working with the community to master plan the site to ensure a coordinated plan for devleopment.

The Design Development phase of Stage 1A followed the master planning was completed in March 2012.

The next stage of development will be construction of Stage 1A which includes the development of an exciting water park for the Gladstone community.


Project Scope

The Gladstone East Shores Redevelopment comprises the redevelopment of the city's foreshore into a vibrant linear precinct that supports the CBD and enables residents and visitors to engage with the waterfront. The first stage of this master plan provides the deliver of a new community parkland.

A continuous boardwalk will form the edge to the inlet and includes new fishing and boating pontoons as well as an iconic harbour that through its linear form reflects the Port character of the city.

The centre piece of the park is a complex known as the 'Port Interpretive Centre' 'which includes important port facilities and the maritime museum lined to a transparent waterfront cafe that engages with the oustanding views to the north across the harbour islands.

Crown Land Purchase

In order to commence development of Stage 1A of the Gladstone East Shores Redevelopment in line with the Master Plan, Gladstone Ports Corporation is seeking to purchase approximately 0.45 hectares of Crown Land (Part of Lot 42 on SP132832), Parish of Gladstone) which is currently held in trust by Gladstone Regional Council. The land has, until this point, been earmarked as future road reserve. This particular area has bene dedicated for community purpose as 'Recreation Land' since 2001.

What does this mean for residents?

While this will technically result in a loss of public land with Council no longer holding the deed in trust, the land will remain in public use with pedestrian access, as part of the development of the East Shores family and lifestyle precinct.

Vehicle access will be controlled and limited to periodic use by heavy load vehicles only.

See Master Plan with outline of Crown Land to be purchased (click here).



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