CouncillorConnect Visits CouncillorConnect Visits



Gladstone Regional Councillors are visiting communities across the region.

CouncillorConnect visits commenced on Thursday, July 26, 2012 and have continued monthly since (with the exception being January and December each year).

Councillors visit the region's smaller communities usually in pairs on a rotational basis so residents can meet in person and discuss any issues or ideas they have.

Council is hosting, with the help of each community, a morning tea and chat session between 9.30am and 10.15am at each venue and then offer a series of 20 minute appointment times for individual meetings.

Council is keen to have people who request individual meetings provide an outline and/or documentation about the issue, concern or idea they may have so we can gather the appropriate information for them in advance of our meetings.

In the meantime, we are keen to gather as many email addresses as we can from people who would like to be notified when CouncillorConnect Visits are scheduled for their township, so please forward your details to in order to be added to our database.

For further information or to book a Councillor interview, please call our Communications & Marketing section on 4970 0700 or email a request to

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Please note Gladstone Regional Council is required by legislation to seek your approval to collect, store and retrieve your personal information. To ensure our processes are managed appropriately, Council advises that is considers any request for a CouncillorConnect appointment as an authorisation to collect, store and retrieve your information for the purpose of administering your bookings and any subsequent correspondence that you request. Council will not pass on your information to third parties unless ordered to do so for legal purposes.

CouncillorConnect schedule:

9.30am - 10.15am
Morning tea - open to all community members

10.15am - noon
20 minute individual meetings with Councillors available by booking.


Date Location Venue
February 26 Agnes Water/ Seventeen Seventy Agnes Water 1770 SES Shed
Ubobo Boyne Valley QCWA Hall
Ambrose Ambrose QCWA Hall
March 26 Baffle Creek Baffle Creek Sport & Rec Shed
Calliope Calliope QCWA Hall
Bororen Bororen Hall
April 30 Mount Larcom Mount Larcom QCWA Hall
Benaraby Benaraby Progress Hall
Rosedale Rosedale QCWA Hall
May 28 Turkey Beach Turkey Beach Rural Fire Brigade
Builyan Builyan Community Hall
Raglan Raglan QCWA Hall
June 25 Boyne Island/ Tannum Sands Boyne Tannum Community Centre - Port Curtis Room
Nagoorin Nagoorin Progress Hall
Miriam Vale Miriam Vale QCWA Hall
July 30 Many Peaks Many Peaks Grand Hotel
Lowmead Lowmead Hall
Yarwun Yarwun Hall
August 27 Agnes Water/ Seventeen Seventy Agnes Water Community Centre
Ambrose Ambrose QCWA Hall
Lowmead Lowmead Hall
September 24              Wartburg Wartburg Rural Fire Brigade Shed
Ubobo Boyne Valley QCWA Hall
Calliope Calliope QCWA Hall
October 29 Mount Larcom Mount Larcom QCWA Hall
Rosedale Rosedale Memorial Hall
Benaraby Benaraby Progress Hall
November 26 Boyne/ Tannum Boyne Tannum Community Centre - Port Curtis Room
Builyan Builyan Community Hall
Miriam Vale Miriam Vale QCWA Hall


Councillor Information Booths schedule:

9am to noon: Stockland Gladstone

Saturday, February 21
Saturday, March 21

Saturday, April 18
Saturday, May 16
Saturday, June 20
Saturday, July 18
Saturday, August 15
Saturday, September 15
Saturday, October 17
Saturday, November 21