2011 Community Satisfaction Survey results released 2011 Community Satisfaction Survey results released

The first comprehensive community satisfaction survey commissioned by Gladstone Regional Council has revealed that Council's overall performance rating surpassed the average rating for the whole of Queensland Local Government (benchmarked against the 2009 Local Government Association of Queensland Community Attitudes Tracking Study), with 49 per cent of respondents rating Council as 'good'.

Gladstone Regional Council outperformed other regional local governments in three out of the five themes covered by the survey: Qualities of council, customer service and communication, and managing the region.

Divided into basic services and infrastructure; community lifestyle services; managing the region; customer service and communication; and the quality of Council, the survey represents a region-wide snapshot of community perceptions from 300 residents who participated. 

The survey asked respondents to rank 42 responsibility areas by both how important each area is and how well the Gladstone Region performs in those areas. Not all of the responsibility areas are necessarily directly controlled by Council (such as public transport), but Council has a keen interest in remaining current with the community views in many areas that affect our region.

The results revealed:

  • The three highest performing areas of the Gladstone Region, relative to importance, were libraries, sewerage and waste management. The lowest performing areas were public transport, road maintenance and shopping facilities. When asked the preference of either a better road network or more public transport, more than 88 per cent of respondents preferred a better road network.
  • The Gladstone Region's greatest strength was identified as its industry and economic development by 47 per cent of respondents and its greatest weakness, identified by 62 per cent, the lack of infrastructure.
  • When faced with either a reduction in the level of Council services matched with reduced rates versus an increase in Council services matched with increased rates, the vast majority of respondents (83 per cent) preferred that service levels and rates remain as they are, with neither being either increased or decreased.
  • Sustainable growth and development matched with an increase in infrastructure and community, lifestyle and health services is key to achieving the kind of region our residents look forward to into the future.
  • The vast majority of residents identify themselves as belonging to the Gladstone Region.
  • The detailed survey was conducted by experienced market researchers, Market Facts Queensland on behalf of Council and will now form the benchmark for future community surveys.
  • Council sincerely thanks survey respondents for taking the time to complete the survey.
  • Click here to view the full unedited report. 

If you have any queries regarding the survey, please contact Council's Corporate Performance & Reporting Officer on (07) 4976 6916.

Gladstone Regional Council thanks all survey respondents for taking the time to participate in the survey.

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