Bin Collection Days Bin Collection Days

To find out what day your wheelie bins are collected please click here or on the link below.

Gladstone Regional Council General waste and Recycle bin collection days.

Recycle Calendars 2015 -2016

Waste collection calendar 2015-16 Run 1

Recycle collection calendar 2015-16 Run 2

Waste and recycle collection calendar 2015-16 Run 1 and Run 2

Bin placement requirements

On garbage collection day your bin should be placed facing outwards on the edge of the kerb.
On recycling days, the bins should be spaced at least one metre apart, or preferably on separate sides of the driveway. Residents are also advised to place wheelie bins out before 6am on collection day otherwise your bin collection might be missed.

The lid must be closed with no overflowing rubbish to minimise the risk of littering. Overflowing bins or bins where extra refuse has been left on the ground may not be collected. Use of 240 litre bin bags in waste wheelie bins (not recycle bins) are acceptable if tied closed to prevent rubbish from spilling when collected for emptying. Bins should not be placed under low trees, near letterboxes, sign posts, power poles, fences or vehicles which are known to be stationary during collection times.

Residents should be aware that overweight receptacles cannot be emptied and become the responsibility of the resident. A limit of approximately 60kg applies. Once your bins have been serviced they must be removed from the footpath or road. Please store your bins in a suitable location within your property boundary.

Waste service for rated bins only

Residents are reminded a user pays principle applies for waste collection services and all residents must use their Council supplied bin. Council's rating and tracking system means only rated bins are serviced. General waste enquiries or service requests can be directed to Waste Services on 4970 0700.

Rural area bin collections

Residents in rural areas are reminded to place their waste and recycle bins for collection away from fence lines and in a visible location that does not pose a risk to passing traffic. Bins placed in obscure locations may not be visible to waste collection drivers and may result in bins not being serviced.