Categorisation of Roads Categorisation of Roads

Council’s roads are allocated to a southern, western and central region; which when the areas are combined, have a united workforce of more than 120 staff.

Throughout the region, three asset inspectors continually inspect roads, footpaths, car parks, drainage structures, bridges, boat ramps and jetties. 

These inspectors are supported by 36 staff in the southern region, and 42 staff each in the western and central regions.

The workforce consists of a combination of crews to deal with Reactive and Programmed maintenance and Capital Works.

Reactive road maintenance involves response to repairs created by unexpected events such as car accidents and weather damage.

Programmed maintenance consists of jobs derived from Council’s Conquest system including Gravel Road and Footpath maintenance. General maintenance programs are ongoing and include such programs as line marking, open drain cleaning, pavement repairs, signage replacements and road side slashing which are funded through Council’s Maintenance Budget. 

Capital Works are predetermined projects from the forward works program and include roads, footpaths, drainage, car parks, bridges, boat ramps and jetties and are funded through Council’s Capital Works budget.