Cat Traps Cat Traps

Animal Trap Hire 

The following cages/traps are available for hire by the public:

  • Cat Trap
  • Pig Cages
  • Wild Dog Footholds
  • Dog Trap
  • Indian Myna

Please note:  Council does not issue traps for the purpose of trapping possums or other protected species.  Possums are a protected native animal and a permit is required for trapping.  Please refer to Living with Possums for more information.

Cat and Dog Trap Hire

For those residents experiencing difficulties with cats or dogs straying on to their property and causing a nuisance, Council has traps available for loan. These traps are basic cage traps. Food is placed on the plate or hook inside the cage. When the animal steps on the plate, or disturbs the food on the hook, the door of the trap closes behind them. Council then collects the trapped cat for impoundment.  Dog traps are limited in availability. 

Cat and Dog traps may be hired from Council's Administration Centres at Gladstone, Calliope, Miriam Vale, Mt Larcom and Boyne Island.  Residents are requested to telephone the Council on (07) 4970 0700 to check trap availability and make a booking. Terms and Conditions Apply. A copy of the Animal Trap Hire Form can be found on the Forms page of this website - Link

Traps can be hired for up to 2 week period,  Monday to Friday. Traps are to be returned to Council before 3 pm on the due date. Collection of trapped cats/dogs caught in the trap can be organised Monday to Friday during business hours only by calling (07) 4970 0700. IMPORTANT: Council will NOT pick up trapped animals after hours, weekends and public holidays.

Hirers will be invoiced for  unclean, damaged, non-returned traps.

Hirers will be charged a fee of $5.00  per day for late trap returns.

Alternatively, you are able to take the cat/dog caught in the Council trap to Council's pound facility located at 17 Albert Road, Callemondah (next to Wastewater Treatment Plant) which is open Monday to Friday 1pm to 5pm excluding public holidays and weekends. Cats cannot be left at administration centres or depots.

Pig Cage, Wild Dog Footholds and Indian Myna Bird Trap Hire

These traps are part of Councils Pest Management Declared Pest Program and are offered free of charge to the public. To hire one of these traps, the customer must first contact Council on (07) 49770 0700 to register their expression of interest.

A Pest Management Officer will contact the customer to arrange an onsite visit to assess suitability and if the property is deemed suitable, the landholder will be given a trap to use and complete the hire agreement on site. Terms and Conditions Apply.

For further information about Hiring an Animal Trap, please contact Council on (07) 4970 0700.