Awoonga Dam and the Gladstone Area Water Board Awoonga Dam and the Gladstone Area Water Board

Lake Awoonga Water Supply

Residents of the Gladstone Region receive their water supply from several sources, of which the main supply is from the State Government controlled Lake Awoonga Scheme.

Administered by the Gladstone Area Water Board, the Lake Awoonga Scheme services the Gladstone, Boyne Tannum and Calliope areas principally with some other smaller communities also connected.

Gladstone Regional Council purchases water from GAWB and passes on those costs to property owners in the form of water consumption charges each six months.

Currently, people on the Lake Awoonga Scheme pay $1.95kL for their water. (Those on the Miriam Vale and Bororen supplies pay $3.50kL and those on the Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy supply pay $3.44kL).

Lake Awoonga Dam Level

The Gladstone Area Water Board provides updates of the level of Awoonga Dam, plus a range of historical and other data. Visit