Flora Flora


At Tondoon Botanic Gardens discover the plants from the Port Curtis Region and Far North Tropical Queensland.

Venture through the Dry and Wet rainforests and discover an array of wonderful plants with more than 3,000 species in cultivation.

The Gardens also houses an endangered species flora collection.  The Curator, staff and Friends of the Garden volunteers preserve plants that are unique and special to the Port Curtis Region.

The prime display area has plantings arranged in the following categories:

  • Taxonomic groupings in which plant genera are grouped together
  • Geographic groupings containing plants from the same area
  • Ecological groupings, where plants which occur in similar ecological situations are grouped together.


Fauna Fauna

Throughout the Gardens there is an array of fauna that inhabit the area.  When you walk through the Gardens keep an eye out for the wildlife, you never know what you may see.


Birds by lake include darter, Pacific Black Duck, Purple Swamphen, Grebe, Dusky Moorhen, Ibis, Cormorant and Magpie Geese.

Venture through the Gardens as you may spot Southern Boobook Owls during the day, Brush Turkeys, Finches, Kingfishers, Cockatoos, Blue Faced Honeyeaters, Pied Currawong as well as Kookaburras. 

Although this is not an extensive list of the birds that are in the Gardens, on your next visit bring some binoculars and have a look for yourself of the array of birdlife that is here.