Waste Management Waste Management

Gladstone Regional Council is a member of the Central Queensland Local Government Association and Central Queensland Waste Management Group.  CQWM offer advice and education programs to schools and the community. 

Types of waste

  • General household waste: General household waste should be placed in your household's green or red lid wheelie bins. Ensure your bin/s are placed on the kerbside (front facing the road) before 6am on collection day. See collection days for kerbside collection for your street. Larger items can be delivered to waste management facilities with many household waste items, including scrap metal, white goods (refrigerators, stoves etc), clean timber, green waste and batteries able to be deposited free of charge. Only few items attract fees and charges, so please follow the links below for more information (Please note that prices are effective July, 2016). When visiting a Council waste facility, please explain to the attendant at the gatehouse what type of waste you have (recyclables or non-recyclables) and if you are prepared to separate your waste so that the least possible fee is charged as per the Sort ‘n' Save program.
    • Special Disposals on Application
    • 2018/2019 Fees & Charges can be found on our website
  • Green waste: Green waste should not be disposed of in your general household wheelie bins. Disposal of green waste is free in a ute or car trailer load (no greater than single axle and single wheel) at all Transfer Stations and the Benaraby Landfill. Under the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Road Rules) Regulation 1999, it is an offence to drive or tow a vehicle with an unsecured load. If you are transporting waste in your vehicle or trailer your load must be securely tied down and covered to prevent the possibility of rubbish falling out. Gladstone Regional Council converts green waste to free mulch for residents (if self-loaded) at its Gladstone and Benaraby facilities. See Transfer Stations and LandfillsFree Mulch. Should you require more information phone Council on 4970 0700.
  • Hazardous Waste: For safe collection of unwanted chemicals register at www.chemclear.com.au or phone 1800 008 182. Fees may apply. For unwanted household chemicals, please use in accordance with the directions (e.g.  on the lawn). For information regarding handling and removal of asbestos please see the Guide to Asbestos - Minor Renovation.
  • Domestic Asbestos Waste Free Disposal*: Council will accept up to 10 square metres of material containing asbestos from home owners or owner-builders (from within the Gladstone Region) free of charge. Home owners and owner-builders must complete a  Disposal Conditions and Application to be eligible. Contact Council on 4970 0700 for more information.
  • Commercial Asbestos Waste Disposal: The Benaraby Landfill will only accept asbestos weighing 250kg or less. Please fill out the Application for Disposal at Benaraby Landfill form and fax it to 4975 0700. Applicants will have to wait for an approval back from Council before disposal. 48hrs notice is required and disposal is between 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday.
  • Recyclables: Rinse containers in used dishwashing water. Remove all lids before placing items loosely in recycling bins. DO NOT place items in plastic bags. Ensure materials for recycling are clean. See Responsible Recycling for more information.
  • Sharps Disposal: Council runs a sharps disposal program encouraging the responsible disposal of sharps in the interest of public health and well-being. Sharps disposal containers can be found in the foyer of our Calliope Administration Office and the Goondoon Street Office for small volumes of disposals.
  • Trade Waste: Trade Waste is any water-borne waste from businesses, trade or manufacturing premises, other than waste that is a prohibited substance, human waste or storm water. (Note: This category does not include small amounts of household hazardous waste such as paints, bleach and solvents left over from residential usage). Read more for details on Trade Waste.
  • e-Waste: Televisions and computers are being replaced more frequently than ever before, so Council has implemented TechCollect, a government approved recycling program. The free Tech Collect e-waste service for residents and small business is funded by more than 60 national television and computer manufacturers as part of their responsibility to the environment. Council is presently providing the service at two regional locations: Benaraby Landfill and Gladstone Transfer Station. See list of acceptable e-Waste.

Further Information
Please contact Council on 4970 0700 or email info@gladstone.qld.gov.au