SUNfest SUNfest


SUNfest 2016 ran from January 11 to 22 for youth aged 11 to 17.


The 2016 program is available online or via download.

What is it all about?

SUNfest was initiated in 1998, as a result of the Gladstone City Council's Youth Needs Study that recognised the lack of low cost activities and opportunities for youth in the region.

From its early beginnings of 40 workshops attended by 400 participants, the festival has now grown to a high profile event providing over 100 activities for more than 1000 young people.

With the support of local businesses and industry, SUNfest is now a much anticipated annual festival that offers more than just school holiday entertainment.

Gladstone Regional Council's SUNfest Youth Program is held each January for two weeks during the summer school holidays.

A snapshot of SUNfest 2015:

Council's annual youth holiday program, SUNfest, culminated in the SUNfest Showcase at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre. Youth who participated in some of the 30-plus events over the past two weeks showcased what they learned at the event. View our full collection of SUNfest 2015 photographs from activities around the region.