Round Gladstone Trail Round Gladstone Trail

What is the Round Gladstone Trail?

The Round Gladstone Trail consists of a number of self guided trails which carve their way along the banks of Police Creek and the bushland of Gladstone & Tondoon Botanic Gardens.

With over 20 kilometres of trail to walk, mountain bike, jog or even ride your horse, you will at times find yourself along the upper reaches of Police Creek, admiring the occasional uninterrupted views of Port Curtis and the surrounding islands.

Due to the pristine nature of the Round Gladstone Trail, motorised vehicle use is not permitted.

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Round Gladstone Trail Overview Map

Round Gladstone Trail Map

Features of the Tondoon Botanic Gardens

The Round Gladstone Trail initiates from the orientation shelter at Tondoon Botanic Gardens. A stop at, or even a start to your day from the gardens provides visitors with an opportunity to picnic, visit the cafe or explore an additional 80 hectares of botanical groupings ranging from natural forest to themed botanic displays. Tondoon Botanic Gardens also has an integrated lake and water system which enhances and attracts a large variety of native and other wildlife to the site.


Gecko Valley Winery

The Round Gladstone Trail includes access to Gecko Valley Winery, Australia's most northern, premium wine-grape vineyard. Gecko Valley Winery is a unique tourism development which showcases an award winning tasting facility, wine making demonstrations, cafe, fine art and jewellery displays.

Gecko Valley Winery also has over seven kilometres of internal trails which crisscross the four different ecosystems of the property.

Gecko Valley Winery is open every day of the year except Christmas Day and Good Friday, from 10am to 5pm.


Following the Round Gladstone Trail

The Round Gladstone Trail is clearly marked with signs with the trail logo. Each section of the trail has a unique number which is shown below the trail marker or engraved on a wooden post.

The trail numbers indicate which section of the Round Gladstone Trail you are currently exploring.

Trail 1 initiates from the economic horticulture (orchard) section at Tondoon Botanic Gardens, accessible via the main entrance gate on Glenlyon Road or via the Southern Cross Close entrance. Trail 1 consists of two sections. The Winery Circuit is 2.5km long and lies entirely in Police Creek Environmental Reserve. Gecko Winery is accessible from this trail. The Kirkwood Loop is 5.6km long and traverses Council and privately owned property.

Trails 2 & 3 initiate on Haddock Drive

Trails 2 & 3 are both approximately 3km long and follow the banks of Police Creek.