Container Recycling and Refund Scheme Container Recycling and Refund Scheme

Queensland’s container refund scheme, known as Containers for Change, will officially start state-wide on 1 November 2018.

This recycling/refund scheme is not a service provided by Council.

The Queensland Government has appointed industry-based, not-for-profit group Container Exchange to develop and run the container refund scheme in Queensland.

Introduction of the scheme will help increase recycling and reduce the number of drink containers that litter our environment.

How organisations can get involved

An information forum was held in Gladstone on August 16 for local organisations interested in registering as a container donation and refund point.

Local organisations can continue to register their interest in the scheme by emailing Container Exchange at

Click here for more information about the scheme.

How it works

Residents will be able to return eligible containers to a container refund point and in exchange will receive a refund per container.

Alternatively, container return points can direct the refund payment to a registered group if residents prefer to donate their drink containers to a community group, sporting club or other organisation.

In addition, some groups will run their own container donation points at which the refund payment will be retained by them.

What containers are accepted?

Not all recyclable containers will be accepted. View a list of acceptable containers here.

Containers already marked with a 10c refund stamp for South Australia and Northern Territory will already be eligible for a refund.

Where is my closest container refund point?  

Read about the local exchange points which will operate in the Gladstone Region here.

This list will be updated by Containers for Change as more businesses and organisations register.