Naming Roads and Assets Naming Roads and Assets

Council aims to provide a diversity of place names within the community for Council owned assets such as roads, bridges, buildings, parks and open space areas.

Council's Policy Naming of infrastructure Assets is a guide for individuals and developers wishing to submit names for consideration of inclusion in Council's Approved Place Names Register.  (Note:  The Approved Place Names Register is currently being updated.  Please contact Council's Technical Services Section on (07) 49776830 should you require details on this register.)

The register includes names already used, reserved for use and those approved by Council but unallocated.

Requesting names for addition to the register, or for the naming of Council controlled roads and other assets, is now preferred via electronic form submission rather than by letter.

There are two types of interactive submission forms:

The proposed name needs to comply to Council's naming policy components and will only be considered if Council can confirm details of the submission and that the person being recognised meets criteria under the "Use of Names in Memoriam" component of the policy.

A name proposed in memorium of a family or individual is allocated for use in the area closest representing where the individual's community contribution was undertaken.

Developments that create three or less new roads are allocated existing names from Council's Approved Place Names Register.

Selection of a theme-based naming system is eligible for developments containing more than three new roads.

In Gladstone City, Calliope and Boyne-Tannum names are required more for establishing suburban developments; hence there is less of a need for general name submissions.

However in southern parts of the region, Council currently has an oversupply of names awaiting use, in comparison to the area's rate of development.

Residents, particularly those living in southern areas of the region, are urged to request or suggest names in line with Council's naming policy, for any unnamed roads with houses or residences on them.

Residents and developers wishing to submit names should lodge a submission form with clear scanned images of supporting documents such as newspaper articles, minutes of meetings and newsletters.

Council's Asset Management section manages the Approved Place Names Register and submission assessment.

Should you have any questions in relation to providing street or place naming requests or wish to discuss details before undertaking a submission, please contact Technical Services in the first instance.

Proposed names are presented to Council in an officer's report at a General Meeting for final approval.