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$20B (Est)Construction 3,300
Operational 300
Australia Pacific LNG
Curtis Island
(Origin/Conoco Phillips/Sinopec)

Integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) project. (Joint venture between Origin Energy - 37.5%, Conoco Phillips - 37.5% and Sinopec - 25%).

  • Gasfields: Walloons Gasfields, stretching from Injune to Millmerran
  • Pipeline: from gasfields to Gladstone
  • Processing plant and export terminal: Curtis Island, near Gladstone



$20B (Est)
Construction 3,300
Operational 300

Gladstone LNG
Curtis Island
/Petronas/ Total/Kogas) 

Santos Limited - 30%, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) - 27.5%, Total - 27.5% and KOGAS - 15% jointly are developing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility at Gladstone in Central Queensland, Australia to commercialise their Queensland coal seam gas (CSG) resources in the Comet Ridge and Roma region. The designated proponent for the project is Santos Ltd.

The project involves extraction of coal seam gas from fields around Roma, Emerald, Injune and Taroom, a 435 kilometres gas transmission pipeline from the gas fields to Gladstone, an LNG facility of approximately 10 million tones per annum on Curtis Island near Gladstone and associated infrastructure including marine facilities, port dredging and a potential access road and bridge at Gladstone.

The LNG facility is proposed to be developed in three stages, the first of which will have a capacity of approximately 3-4 million tones per annum. The LNG will be exported to overseas markets.





$20B (Est)
Construction 3,300
Operational  300
Queensland Curtis LNG
Curtis Island
(BG Group)

The Queensland Curtis LNG project proposes to develop an integrated liquefied natural gas project in Queensland comprising:

  • expansion of coal seam gas operations in the Surat Basin to provide gas for two liquefied natural gas plants or trains and gas for domestic markets
  • development of a gas and water pipeline network of approximately 800 kilometres including:

- 220 kilometres network of gas and water pipelines connecting the primary gas fields
- 200 kilometres lateral to other nearby gas resources
- 380 kilometres pipeline to the liquefied natural gas plant at Gladstone

  • development of the liquefied natural gas processing and export facility on Curtis Island, near Gladstone, comprising:

- up to three liquefied natural gas trains of total capacity approximately 12 million tonnes per annum (a first train to be followed by a second within a year and with the potential development of the third train)
- three storage tanks of up 200,000 cubic metres each (one for each liquefied natural gas train)
- a marine jetty containing specialised liquefied natural gas loading facilities and berths.



Coordinator- General

Construction 3,500
Operational Stage 1 450

Stage 2 up to 600

Arrow LNG
Curtis Island
(Arrow CSG (Australia) Pty Ltd (Arrow Energy) -Royal Dutch Shell & Petrochina Company Limited)
A joint venture of Royal Dutch China - 50% and Petrochina - 50%. Integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) project.
  • Processing plant and export terminal: Curtis Island
  • Gas pipeline: between Gladstone City Gas Gate and Curtis Island
  • LNG processing plant and export facility (up to four trains with a total capacity of up to 16 million tonnes per annum of LNG)
  • gas pipeline
  • dredging of Port Curtis


Coordinator-General approval issued 10/09/2013

Decision to commence project by ALNG not made at this time.







Arrow Surat Pipeline

(Surat Gladstone Pipeline Pty Ltd -Arrow Energy -Royal Dutch Shell & Petrochina Company Limited)

The proponent for the Surat to Gladstone Pipeline proposal is Surat Gladstone Pipeline Pty Ltd (SGP), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Energy Ltd. Arrow Energy Ltd currently holds 90 000km2 of coal seam gas exploration tenements in the Surat Basin.

The pipeline is proposed to deliver coal seam gas (CSG) from adjacent to the Kogan North Central Gas Processing Facility near Dalby to a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility at Fisherman’s Landing near Gladstone (the LNG facility is subject to a separate assessment process under the Environmental Protection Act 1994).

The 660mm diameter high pressure buried steel gas pipeline would be approximately 470km long. The pipeline would have a minimum technical design life of 40 years. Above ground facilities would be required at intervals along the pipeline, including: mainline valves; cathodic protection systems; and marker signs.


Environmental Authority Issued January 2010.

No clarity as to when Pipeline Construction expected to commence


Department Environment and Resource Management

$480M (A$)
Construction 350
Operational 10

 Arrow Bowen Pipeline

(Arrow Energy -Royal Dutch Shell & Petrochina)

 The project would involve the construction of a 600 km long point-to-point transmission pipeline consisting of a main pipeline and several lateral pipelines to convey coal seam gas (CSG) from Arrow Energy’s gas fields in the Bowen Basin, located approximately 90 km north of Moranbah in central Queensland, to Gladstone for eventual export as liquefied natural gas (LNG). Construction of the proposed pipeline is anticipated to commence in 2015 with the first gas supplied to an LNG plant in Gladstone in 2017.


Environmental Authority issued 2014

No clarity as to when Pipeline Construction expected to commence



Department Environment and Resource Management