Illegal Dumping & Litter Illegal Dumping & Litter

Council receives more than 100 reports of illegal dumping  throughout the Gladstone Region each year and a similar amount of requests to clean litter outside of it's scheduled service - a regrettable waste of Council resources and ratepayers' money.

View Council's Illegal Dumping and Litter Prevention Strategy.

Littered or dumped waste has many negative environmental, social and economic impacts including the pollution of waterways, death of animals through ingesting or entrapment, attraction of vermin, reduction of the aesthetic appeal of public places and cleaning and disposal costs for the community.

Although Council prefers to educate people on responsible waste disposal, it can impose fines of up to $1800 for individuals and $6000 for corporations found littering.

However, there is no excuse for littering as the majority of general household waste can be removed via Council's supplied green or red lid wheelie bins or yellow lid bins for recyclable items.

Fees and charges for Domestic and Commercial waste are kept to a minimum and should not pose a deterrent to the correct disposal of litter.

Green waste can also be disposed of free at all Transfer Stations and the Benaraby Landfill. For more information see Waste Management

Residents are encouraged to report littering and illegal dumping offences to Council.

Click on the button below to report Illegal Dumping to Gladstone Regional Council.

Alternativley phone Council on (07) 4970 0700 or email