Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan

The Gladstone Region Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan (SISP), which was developed as a collaborative effort between Gladstone Regional Council, the Gladstone Economic and Industry Development Board and the Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP), was released by the Minister of Infrastructure and Planning on Tuesday, October 5, 2010.

The SISP was conducted over an 18 month period and identifies social infrastructure needs of the Gladstone Region now and in the future. The document is designed to help governments and industry make informed decisions about the investments they make in the region.

Visit the Queensland Department of Infrastructure and Planning's website to download a copy of the

Gladstone Social Infrastructure Strategic Planning Study: Draft Gladstone Region Social Infrastructure - Voluntary Industry Contributions Framework

What is Social Infrastructure?

Social infrastructure includes a wide range of built facilities, services and networks of organisations. These include:

1. Community facilities like schools, hospitals, police/fire/ambulance stations, child-care centres, youth facilities, cultural facilities like libraries and theatres, recreation and sporting facilities*, facilities for older people including accommodation, public transport, pedestrian/walking trails and bikeways, and social (non-private) housing.
2. Community services like health services, children's and family services, aged care services, disability services, multicultural services, youth development, welfare and support services, housing services, and employment and training services
3. Community services networks like interagency groups.
4. Work in this area will draw on the findings of previous local government open space and recreation studies.

What is the Social Infrastructure Strategic Plan (SIS Plan)?

The project is a planning process that audited the region's existing social infrastructure, talk to people about what might be lacking, benchmark Gladstone's position against other regions and provide recommendations for clearing any backlog and keeping our social infrastructure in line with development trends and population growth.

Just as importantly, the plan guides investment decisions Governments and private development proponents make now and into the future.

Who undertook the project?

The SIS Plan is a joint project between the State Government (Department of Infrastructure and Planning), the Gladstone Economic and Industry Development Board (GEIDB) and Gladstone Regional Council.

The consultants commissioned to prepare the SIS Plan were Buckley Vann Town Planning Consultants, Briggs & Mortar Pty Limited and Andrea Young Planning Consultants.


Enquiries can also be made to members of the Steering Committee and Project Team:

Liza Valks or Kylie Rolley at Buckley Vann Town Planning Consultants on 3852 1822
Garry Scanlan at GEIDB on 4971 2318
Gladstone Regional Council on 4970 0700
Debra Honan at Department of Infrastructure and Planning on 3405 5638