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The Sister City relationship between Gladstone and Saiki City was established in 1996. The Sister City movement is a worldwide concept, which originated in the United States of America shortly after World War II - a period in history, like now, where people wanted to focus on community values and exchanges to encourage international understanding and ultimately world peace.

The principles of furthering communication and exchanges at a person-to-person level through City-to-City affiliations was adopted by Australia in 1980 when the Australian Sister City Association was founded. Today there are some 200 municipalities across Australia that have over 460 overseas affiliations. ASCA is part of an international effort to encourage understanding and co-operation by promoting communication and exchanges between ordinary citizens from different nationalities and cultures.

Saiki City, in Oita Prefecture, is located on Japan's southern island of Kyushu, about 780 km south-west of Tokyo, and 150km east of Fukuoka City. It is the fifth largest city in the eastern prefecture of Oita, and the centre of the south-east region of Oita. Saiki is pleasantly located on Saiki bay, part of the Bungo Channel that feeds the Inland Sea of Japan (Setonaikai).

Situated on the coastline, Saiki experiences mild weather all year round, due to the influence of the warm currents along the Bungo Channel. Rainfall is most prevalent from June to early July, and the chance of snow is limited.

  • Area 197 km2
  • Population 51,675
  • Number of workers 25,098
  • Households 19,426
  • Schools 21
  • Businesses 3,324

Major Industries include local produce, Cement, Shipbuilding, Fridges / Freezers, Pearls, Roses, Strawberries, Dried Fish, Yellowtail.

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Expressions of interest

The Saiki-Gladstone Sister City Advisory Management Committee is currently seeking Expressions of Interest from Sister City's interested parties/stakeholders who would like to actively support and participate in a volunteer capacity in some of the proposed initiatives during 2018.

These include (but are not restricted to):

  • Saiki Children's Day
  • Sister City Intercity Images Exhibition
  • Sister City Stall at the Multicultural Festival
  • Sister City Friendship Declaration  

For further information contact Council's Maureen Mason on 4976 6903 or email.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Saiki-Gladstone Sister City Advisory Management Committee will be held at the Community Advisory Service located at 142 Goondoon Street on Thursday, 18th October 2018, commencing at 5.30pm.

Business: Election of Office Bearers, Annual Reports and General Business.

All Welcome.

Anyone interested in being part of the committee is asked to call 4976 6300.


Affirmation of the Declaration of Friendship 2011