Regulated Parking Regulated Parking

Parking is regulated in the Gladstone Regional Council to assist the public and business owners. The CBD area of Gladstone is the main area of timed parking.

It is important to check signage when you park so as to avoid incurring an infringement notice.

Timed parking allows turnover of parking spaces. There are many non-timed parking areas in the CBD also. These can be found off of Central Lane, Off Lane and the second and third storeys of the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre Car Park.

Council's Local Law No 5 (Parking) 2011 allows Council to complement the regulated parking provisions in the TORUM Act by providing for the exercise of Local Government powers authorised under that Act.

This Local Law sets out the traffic areas, off street regulated parking areas, parking permits, commercial vehicle identification labels and infringements for minor traffic offences.

Infringements may be issued to drivers who park for longer than the time permitted on a permissive parking sign.

When parking in Gladstone, be it in the CBD or in a residential street, there are general rules that you need to remember. These rules ensure all roads and footpaths can be used safely by other motorists and pedestrians.

Make sure that you don't park:

  • On footpaths or footpath ramps; or
  • Across or partly blocking driveways or footpaths; or
  • In any area or space designated as emergency, essential services or disability parking (unless your vehicle is permitted).

Unless otherwise signed, the following rules apply at intersections and bus stops:

  • Park at least 10 metres from an intersection without traffic lights; and
  • If there are traffic lights, park at least 20 metres away from the intersection; and
  • Park at least 20 metres behind a bus stop, or at least 10 metres in front.

It is also important that you don't stop or park at any time in zones marked with a solid yellow line on the road. This is a 'No Stopping' zone. Other than the yellow line, these zones are usually not signed.


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