Responsible Recycling Responsible Recycling

Responsible recycling at home

With the introduction of fees at waste facilities, Council is encouraging residents to Sort 'n' Save.  Disposing of recyclables is free (up to a 240L wheelie bin) for domestic customers so separating your recyclables from other rubbish will save you considerable money and time at the tip or transfer station. 

The majority of rubbish generated in the home can be recycled and placed into the yellow lidded bin, these include : -

  • Glass - no need to crush it!
    • Sauce jars
    • Jam jars
    • Softdrink bottles
    • Alcohol bottles (green, brown and white)
    • These items do not include Pyrex/crockery products
  • Paper
    • Clean newspaper
    • Cardboard (except wax coated)
    • Magazines & advertising brochures
    • Toilet paper rolls
    • Wrapping paper
    • Office paper
    • Phone books
  • Plastic
    • Juice/Milk bottles
    • Ice cream containers and lids
    • Margarine tubs
    • Shampoo/Conditioner containers
    • Softdrink bottles
    • Yoghurt containers

Recycling symbols 1 to 7

*Check your containers for the above symbol - if you cannot find this symbol, then it is generally not recyclable

Image result for light bulb

**Handy Hint - recycling just 1 plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a CFL bulb for 30 hours!**

  • Steel/Aluminium - If it's in a tin and a magnet sticks to it - it's recyclable!
    • Coffee cans
    • Food cans
    • Pet food tins
    • Aerosol containers
    • Alcohol Cans
    • Softdrink cans

No plastic bags please!

  • Items in plastic bags cannot be sorted out, plus the bags jam up the machinery used at the Material Recycling Facility - please place recyclable items into the recycling bin loosely for sorting.

 Green waste

  • Disposal of green waste is free at all Transfer Stations and the Benaraby Landfill up to 500kg's for domestic customers.  Please do not dispose of green waste in your general waste and recycling bins as they can cause issues for our Waste Collections trucks.


Council also recommends that you plan your load before you go to the tip or transfer station so that you can easily drop off waste into the designated areas. Have your recycling, general waste and green waste separated in your vehicle, this will save you considerable time when you reach the waste disposal site and our operators assess your load.  It will also ensure that you are charged correctly.

Replacement Bins

  • Additional wheelie bins, repair and replacement wheelie bins, information and advice are also available by contacting Council on 4970 0700 or email, alternatively please use our new Online Services section of our Website.

Cover your Load       

  • One of the main sources of roadside litter is rubbish falling from uncovered loads. It is an offence to drive or tow a vehicle with an unsecured load. An on-the-spot fine can apply.

In addition, a maximum penalty of 40 penalty units or $3000 may be applied if a person is convicted of unlawfully disposing of litter. Alternatively, Infringement Notices may be issued by Council and carry a penalty of up to $300.

If you are transporting waste in your vehicle or trailer, your load muct be securely tied down and covered to prevent the possibility of rubbish falling out.

Council staff have been asked to monitor inbound and outbound vehicles and recording the registration details of those vehicles that are breaching the transport operations and littering provisions.

Residents may assist by reporting offender's details (vehicle and/or trailer registration numbers and details about the offence, time, location, description of litter) to Council and the matter will then be taken up with the registered owner of that vehicle.

Report Littering

Littering incidents can be reported to Council during office hours from 8.30am to 5pm weekdays on (07) 4970 0700. Alternatively, you are welcome to Calls and e-mails can be made in confidence with your anonymity preserved if you wish.