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**2018/19 Rate notices were issued on September 5


Gladstone Regional Council, like all Local Governments in Queensland, gains the bulk of its operating budget revenue through general rates and service charges.

General rates are essentially a tax on properties to cover the costs of providing services and infrastructure to a community. How Council's total rates revenue is divided across a community is guided by the distribution of that community's land valuations. Service charges are applied to properties that receive a specific service.

Prices for rates and services in 2018-19

View the prices of rates and services (waste, water and sewerage) this financial year, please view our information sheet.

See the initiatives, services and projects your rates will contribute to, on our budget page.

Frequency of rate notices

As of the 2017/18 financial year, Council has split its annual water access and sewerage charges into two, more manageable, portions.

This means half of your annual water access and sewerage charges accompanies rate notices in September and the other half accompany water consumption notices in March.

If you prefer the old system of one annual charge for water access and sewerage, follow these instructions to make a lump sum payment.

Receiving your rate notices

Rate and water notices are issued via Australia Post as mailed letters.

They will also be available online, shortly after they are issued by post. To view your notice online, register as a user on Council's Online Services. Registration can take a couple of days while entered details are matched against our rates database. Once registered you can sign in to view your rate notice and your history of payments and property valuations.

If you have recently moved, don't forget to update your postal details with Council so your notices go to the right place.

Community members are invited to view information about how rates are calculated.

Payment of rate notices

Discount opportunities
Council offers two discount options for full payments of general rates and service charges received either early or by the due date. If you pay within 30 days of the issue date you will receive a 10 per cent discount. If you miss this timeframe, but pay by the due date you will receive a five per cent discount.

You must ensure your payment is cleared by the deadline to ensure the discount is applied.

Pensioners may be entitled to a rebate.

Ratepayers are welcome to make advance payments to improve their ability to meet discount deadlines.

Paying by instalments
Property owners who experience difficulty meeting their rate payments should contact Council immediately to ensure a payment agreement can be negotiated before the due date.

To access Council's instalment payment scheme, ratepayers fill out the form on the back of their rates notice and return it to their local Council office.

Other payment options
Many payment methods are available to property owners including Council's Online Services, BPAY, in person at Council offices, by mail or by credit card. For a full list, visit Payments Options.

Ratepayers are advised to make BPAY payments at least two days prior to the discount deadline to ensure Council receives the payment in time. Please also take into account potential postal delays if paying by mail.

More details about payment options are also included on the back of rates notices.


Overdue rates accrue interest at a rate of 11% per annum calculated from the due date.

Overseas Residents

Overseas residents are required to forward remittances by bank draft in Australian currency to avoid short payments as a result of currency fluctuations.

Past rate notices

Rate and water notices are available online soon after their postal issue.

To obtain past rate notices, you will need to register for Council's Online Services. Registration can take up to a couple of days while your entered details are matched with our rates database.

Rate and water notices for financial years before 2016-17 are not available online but can be obtained by phoning Council on 4970 0700.

More information and forms

For more information or assistance with your rate notice, contact Council on 4970 0700, or click the links below.

Budget Information


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